Belgaum’s Famous Kunda now available online

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In this era of e-commerce, where each one is trying to eat the pie of this huge untapped market, Belagavi’s Famous Kunda which is unique to the city is now available online and is just a click away.

Sai Purohit Sweets, based near Hari Mandir, Angol road has made the local sweet go global.

The Kunda is now available on Amazon.inbelgaum kunda online

Speaking to AAB, Dharmendra Purohit, said “He wanted to get Kunda the place it needs amongst the sweets. People who are connected to Belagavi in some way are aware of Kunda, but not others. Hence this is an attempt to make this sweet known to the country.”

When we asked how easy it was to being this, Dharmendra replied, “Easy, nothing was easy, infact making the Kunda was easier than arranging the packing, the government clearances, Logistics and what not. But now I have been able to push the product through Ecommerce  sites and I have also got a good response.”

So all those people who miss the Kunda, nothing to worry its just a click away at 

15 thoughts on “Belgaum’s Famous Kunda now available online”

    • Dear sir, right now we r delivering the product all across india.we would like to inform you that very soon we are starting international shipping.

  1. Dear Dharmendra ji, thanks for the great efforts to make Belgaum kunda available online, Congratulations on your achievement!!!. You are the 2nd merchant to make Belgaum Kunda available online; indeed Kunda is a divine sweet so tasty its highly irrestable by all age groups.
    Dharmendra ji I have a request for you; (not so) old guys like me like kunda too much however health does not permit to go the full hog hence I am looking at Sugarfree Kunda; can you look into the possibility of making Sugarfree Kunda?. The future in sweets belongs to Sugarfree Sweets; these will have a huge demand since nowadays people are extra health concious.
    Once again Congrats and thank you for making Belgaum Kunda available Pan India online, Belgaum Rocks!!!

    • Dear sir
      Thank you for your kind words. We are trying our level best to make our Belgaum kunda to reach all across the world.
      we will launch sugar free kunda very soon. thanks again for your suggestion.


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