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Way back in 2002 BTP InfoServe Pvt. Ltd. (BTPI) was started in Belgaum, which specializes in American medical insurance claims processing. This field is listed as one of the fastest job creators in USA.  BTP InfoServe Pvt. Ltd is the only company in entire North Karnataka & Goa that specializes in this area. 

BTPI from Belgaum, India, manages the payment flow of medical claims efficiently from insurance companies to various service providers.

As proud Belgaumite, Tushar Patil thought of opening this venture in Belgaum as there was easy access to able manpower & ideally located place with Computer and English literates.

With an Approx 1 million US Dollars in turnover and over 50 employees BTPI aims higher turnover in the current year. Today all the sectors are reeling under recession like Automobile, banking, Industries but healthcare is one such sector which has NO Recession.

BTPI is an end-to-end BPO unit operating from its three Indian centers in Bangalore, Pune and Belgaum, all three cities having a perfect mix of excellent climate, huge manpower potential and adequate transport through rail, road and air for convenient accesses.

 BTPI is currently offering BPO services to US Healthcare industry which includes Revenue Cycle Management services specifically tailored for the EMS, Ambulance, Medical Transportation industry and Physicians.

About the management:
BTPI is a spin-off of a multi-million dollar
Patson group centered at Belgaum. With an annual turnover exceeding US $5m, Patson group has catered to various engineering services including construction, hydropower projects, LPG cylinder manufacturing and fabrication for more than four decades now. Having strong investment and risk management abilities combined with sound business administration and project handling skills, the Patson group has always spread its tentacles across various industries to successfully strike synergy between its core competencies and the management heads of these diverse businesses within the group. With the advent of new technologies that enable real-time global connectivity and with the huge Indian potential of skillful and educated manpower graduating every year, this family concern has diversified into Information Technology with this new division to fulfill the burgeoning need for IT Products and Services in the Market.


Management Team
Being a part of the Patson group, BTPI is already with an advantage of carrying a rich experience of managing thousands of employees employed under various projects of very large magnitude. Profile of the key people at BTPI is given below: Tushar Patil – As CEO, Tushar Patil is responsible for the vision, strategy and leadership that drive BTPI. After completing masters from Kansas University, he worked in the US for 3 years at Alpha Soft Services. During this tenure, he gained access to various service segments in the US including healthcare, insurance and finance. His experience also helped him identify the non-core business segments there and plan to outsource the same to BTPI. He has the task at BTPI to help business segments concentrate on their core strengths and to bridge the link that correlates clients’ expectations v/s BTPI deliverables.


Work Process:

The medical reimbursement process includes descriptions of long procedures which could be terribly long and confusing.  Thus a system of code numbers was devised representing each procedure and service a physician is likely to provide and another to represent each disease, disorder or injury.  The physician’s computerized billing software sends information showing what was done and the insurance company’s software interprets the codes accurately. This speeds up the reimbursement process so doctors are paid faster and better. They want someone who can speak their language – medical terminology, anatomy & physiology and disease processes.  BPTI is one such point that provides this service to clients in USA in terms of knowledge, high quality of skills and excellence of work habits.


As the BPO industry is a highly attrition based, they are on the lookout for people all round the year.

They are looking for motivated candidates with the following profile:

  • Graduates with good command over written English
  • Knowledge of computers (MUST)
  • Commitment and dedication with ability to grasp quickly
  • The healthcare industry employs 1 out of 3 workers
  • Changing government regulations spur the high demand
  • Today there is probably nothing more complex in a Healthcare Industry than the billing process.
  • It is a well respected career and one of the ten fastest growing occupations





v  As the largest industry in 2006, health care provided 13.5 million jobs in USA.

v  8 out of 20 occupations projected to grow the fastest are in health care

v  The Claim processing associate is compensated according to the level of training and skills and how effectively these skills are used.

v  Insurance claims processing is here to stay. This occupation has a great future.

v  Recession proof


There will be extensive training to understand codes used by service providers and insurance companies to classify different services rendered.

  • The doctor’s computerized billing software sends information showing what was done and the insurance company’s software interprets the codes accurately.
  • CPT-4, ICD-9-CM, Evaluation & Management, HCPCS, medical terminology, anatomy, physiology and disease processes – You name it and BTPI will train you to become experts at interpreting services that are rendered by service providers in the US.
  • In addition to medical reimbursement, coding is used for planning and research, tracking diseases, or to determine if a hospital’s facilities are being used effectively and if they are adequate for the needs of the community.


BELGAUM – 590 006.

Tel: 0831-6510332

Email:[email protected]


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