Cost Cutting Diwali

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Cutting Chai! Cut Dosa ! And this time it is Cutting Diwali!


Diwali is that time of the year when all rich and poor in the whole of the country spend money saved over a year for clothes, sweets and many other things.


The large corporates, who till last year used to gift their employees gifts of hefty amounts this time plan to make it very simple with a Cap, when last year it was a costly T-shirt. Those gifts to clients have also seen a cutting, from costly art ware to just sweets this time.


The global melt down, Indian Stock market crash, which on Friday saw its most formidable fall ever and inflation have had its own impact on this Diwali.


May it be the rich or the poor, all have been hit very badly by the Melt down bug. Diwali time for all businesspersons is like an opportunity to cash in on just anything and everything, but this time it is another case. The malls in big cities are empty with footfall going down by 20 to 25%.


In Belgaum, it is no different story. We do not have many malls (other than Big Bazaar) over here and the bulk of the Diwali business is in the local shops. One shopkeeper told this blog that, He never feels its Diwali time. Normally during this time, we do not get any free time but this year we are all free with very little business. During Diwali, normally costly and above average prices of commodities sell very easily, this time only cheap verities are selling, one more businessperson added.


The sweet shops are also facing the same problem. The regular yearly orders have come in but for a less quantity, one owner said. The prices of dry fruits have touched the sky and hence the demand for them has diminished.


 On eve of Diwali, I wish all my readers a Happy Diwali and wish that you are not in the Cost Cutting Diwali brigade.


As for me I will send emails and sms this time as I am part of the Cost Cutting Diwali brigade.

Happy Diwali!

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