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Mallya to brew beer from Sambra Belgaum

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vijay-mallyaLiquor barren Vijay Mallaya will set up a distillery unit on the Sambra Muchandi Road in 300 acres of land. This could be a good start once this distillery unit commences production.

 The land prices along the Sambra, Halga have reached new heights due to these kind land acquisitions.

 Hundreds of acres of fertile land have already been acquired for Airport expansion many other acquisitions plans have been made in the same area.

 Source: Tarun Bharat

1 thought on “Mallya to brew beer from Sambra Belgaum”

  1. Government should act soon to stop acqusition of the land which is being used for liquor distellery. I dont understand, If BJP claims of making this state a Rama Rajya, How will it be possible unless they give permissions to such people to destroy the fertile land for a distellery. The state Govt should immedeiatly ask to stop this project and move it to a different place where the land is not suitable for agricultre. The people of Belgaum and surrounding depend a lot on these fertile lands for vegetables and food grains. Govt should act before it is too late..The people of Sambra and Halaga should protest this project for a better future.



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