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Now say Cheers with a bigger hole to your pocket: liquor retailers also hit badly


Having refrained from announcing duty hikes for liquor and related products in his budget, chief minister B S Yeddyurappa succumbed to the pressures of a sharply depleted treasury, and, said that additional excise duty (AED) would be increased on alcoholic beverages while the profit margin of liquor retailers would be decreased. The structure of AED on the IMFL (Indian made foreign liquor) would be revised. daru

Presently, in the state, the retailers are entitled for a profit margin of 20%. This will come down with the new move. It isn’t consumers alone who will have to fork out more. Liquor retailers will have to settle for lower profits as new tax measures that erode their bottom-line will be introduced.

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The retailers have to pay annual renewal license fees of Rs.3 lakhs for wine shops and 5.5 lakhs for bars. No doubt the inflation number has come down and tomorrow it will be in negative for sure but the costs for running the business is growing day by day.

beerA bar owner told this blog, how do we recover this 5.5 Lakhs paid as license fees when our margin is brought down from 20%. We have so many other expenses of running the bar, where will we get that from and to add to all this the number of Dry days have increased to about 25 days in a year, which is a great loss to us. He added, how one can sustain a business when you have just 10 % margin and pay a fee of Rs.600 a day.

Price Calculation methodology:

A bottle of KF would cost Rs.65 MRP which was sold by wine shops for Rs.70.
so landing price = 65 -20%= 52 Plus tax


Now after the new AED same becomes 67 -10%= 61.00rs Plus tax

So in short the retailer’s margin is reduced by Rs.9 plus tax


So KF beer which was 65+5 =70 is now 70+9+5 =84. The additional Rs.5 is normally taken for chilling.


MRP is applicable for Wine shops as they have to sell as retail outlets. As a bar one can charge higher as they have Service and other overheads.

Moreover in Belgaum a lot of Military stuff (Liquor from Military canteen) is sold illegally. So the retailers pay taxes and they go without any thing.  


Prices of few brands of IMFL:

KF Beer –Old rate Rs. 70                 New rate  84
Knock Out – Old rate 80                   New rate  Rs.95  
Fosters – old rate 80                                     New rate  90
DSP –  (180ml) old rate 68               New rate  80
DSP Black – (180 ml) Old rate 75    New rate   90
8pm – (180ml) Old rate 70              New rate  75
Smirnoff – Old rate Rs.150               New rate  160

Disclaimer: Neither this blog nor the author is in favour of drinking nor do they intend to promote drinking. This is just an aspect of life which many don’t know.



  1. I’m afraid your article doesnt make any sense, neither do your price calculations. Perhaps you have left out important information which renders this article next to useless.

    1. First you say “said that additional excise duty (AED) would be increased on alcoholic beverages while the profit margin of liquor retailers would be decreased” which means that the consumer is affected only to the extent of AED.

    2. “A bottle of KF would cost Rs.65 MRP which was sold by wine shops for Rs.70”. Assuming that you added Rs 5 for “chilling charge”, how did you end up with “65+5 =70 is now 70+9+5 =84”. You already added Rs 5 to the MRP of Rs 65 and then added Rs 5 again. Moreover, I’ve no idea how you managed to move Rs 9 from the retailer to the consumer.

    3. “Chilling charges” are of course bullshit because the retailer margin covers his cost of doing business and chilling is part of that.

    So, I would say that when you blog about something, pls do some research and publish all facts.


    • All info was got from bar owners and retailers
      I always try and give info not as fun but as authentic if am unsure about anything I write it that way so that people who know abt it can pour in.
      I dont drink so I dont care what is charged


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