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Saankhya labs product in Ultimate SoC of the year of the EETimes ACE awards

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Saankhya labs SL1001 product is a finalist in the “Ultimate SoC of the year” of the EETimes ACE awards.

Saankhya Labs, Bangalore whose CTO and co-founder is Parag Naik from Belgaum.

Parag said, “We have august company as competition ( ST, Xilinx) and are the only startup in the world to be nominated for this ! There is no Indian company in this competition. It is a world wide award organized by EDN/EEtimes which is read by all electrical and electronics engineers all over the world. We are probably the first Indian company( our product rather ! ) to be selected for this award. To select the winner there is a voting process.  SoC is a short term for System on Chip. It is a complex electronics chips.”ace

“SL1001 universal TV demodulator IC” is the product which has been nominated for the award.

The Saankhya SL1001 is the first universal TV demodulator IC compliant with all worldwide terrestrial and cable, digital, and analog TV standards. The product allows large consumer-electronic OEMs and ODMs to design universal TV chasses. SL1001 supports digital terrestrial standards ATSC, DVB-T, DTMB, and ISDB-T; digital cable standards J.83 A, B, and C; and analog standards NTSC, PAL, and SECAM. SL1001 also supports FM radio, DAB, and DAB++. The SL1001 performance meets test specifications for each standard (A74, Nordig2.0, CESI). SL1001 is based on the innovative Software Defined Radio (SDR) architecture, a fully software-configurable IC, wherein the different standards support is made possible by only the software change. Target applications include HDTV, smart TV, iDTV, analog TV, set-top boxes, TV-tuner modules, PVR and DVR, PC TV tuner cards, TV-tuner USB sticks, tablet PCs, smartphones, car entertainment systems, and digital radios.

Winners will be announced on March 27th, 2012.

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