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firSmart Retail has just opened a month back on Club Road at Thakkar Plaza near Harsha.



Here is the Review of the same:

A regular retail super Shoppe but the name is a bit unknown. Its website does not open at this time, so I could not get the details of the company and its operations.


To begin with, the arrangement from LEFT to right, vegetables on the left then fruits, cold beverages, ready to eats, groceries, soaps and one complete section on the right of the entrance where there is cutlery and storage jars.


Vegetables were in huge quantities and almost all had 2 varieties one looked very fresh and one a bit stale and both were priced also in that manner, the fresher the costlier. Some vegetables like Gourd, Capsicum was very fresh.


Now to the pricing: Vegetable pricing was high; if you, compare it to local Main market (Ganpat Galli and beyond) the prices of vegetables are costly. Onions were Rs.16.90/Kg in the market it was Rs.14/kg. It was with beans Smart price was Rs.35/Kg market it was Rs.20/Kg. Sugar was Rs.20/Kg and in market, it was Rs.19/Kg.


The over arrangement and ambience was ok, AC was off and was a bit hot. Staff was trained but did not find the zeal with their work. There are in total 3 cash counters 2 in the centre at the entrance and one at the left corner.


One notable thing which I had made earlier also, Purohit Sweets and Savories have found a place for themselves in almost all these super markets, may it be Big Bazaar or Reliance fresh.


On a scale of 10, I would rate it 6.5, ok average buying experience. I did buy a few things and my bill said I saved Rs.6.25 so you know how much you saved if you bought somewhere else, all these items were MRP based. If you are near to it, then it is the nearest best option.

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