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Son realizes Mother’s dream by working while pursuing MBA

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“Failure is only for a short period, but serves as a stepping stone to success.”

This is the aphorism that young Ajay Shahpurkar, a MBA who has successfully completed his education after braving formidable odds, lives by. He is now working as Process Associate at Gallagher Service Center LLP Pune.

Ajay who has set an example with his persistent diligence to realize his dreams, fighting the destitution his large family has faced. Ajay shares his success story, which he scripted despite his economically weak background.

He lived along with his parents and younger brother Aniket in a small one room house, it was the kitchen, drawing room and the dining room. His father Maruti was working as a mechanic with a meager salary and to help the family his mother Madhavi worked as a Cook.


Childhood was one without any pampering and pleasures of life, but hardships all the while. Ajay and Aniket both were good at studies but financing their studies was a major issue infront of the parents. At this juncture their mother decided something which changed the lives of the two brothers and for the good.

She saw her children mingling around with some notorious kids from the neighborhood, and she felt the need that they must spend their time studying. So she approached a Saree shop and requested the owner to allow her kids to work there and from the salary that they would get they could self finance their studies.

Mother’s are the best planners and the decision she took about 15 years ago is now repaying. Ajay is now working in a company in Pune and his brother is studying CA.

Ajay studied in Oriental English School and then went to Hubballi for his PUC 1 and 2 at a relatives home. After his PUC he came back to Belagavi and completed his Bachelors of commerce from Bhaurao Kakatkar college and eventually completed his MBA from Jain College all while working at the Saree shop. Ajay used to work at the Saree shop along with his brother and used to study in the shop itself. He used to handle the customers and then get back to studies again.

Brother Aniket and Mother Madhavi

Ajay was studious and had prepared a project on Bio Diesel when he was in 9th standard and had got him the first prize then. His brother Aniket is not behind as he got 95% in SSLC and 90% in PUC.

A happy mother Madhavi told AAB that,

Many had told me that put the kids to work after SSLC, let them work. What will do after higher studies ? But I wanted my children to learn and earn, and stand on their own feet. What I have done is nothing but what each mother would have done for her children. I am very happy with the Progress of Ajay and Aniket as well. God give them lots of happiness.

Speaking to AAB, Ajay said,

I laud the decision taken by my mother to ask me to work while studying, at first I too thought why should I work but once I realized it is for my good, I was happy with it. Today I am very happy that I was able to help my parents, each one is not born with a silver spoon, but each one will have to work and earn the silver spoon.  One should never give up their studies because of failure or hardship. I feel failure is there only for a short period and it helps us climb the ladder of success.

16 thoughts on “Son realizes Mother’s dream by working while pursuing MBA”

  1. Good decision by mother. money is more valued only when lot of hard work is put by oneself. when kids realise the hard work put to earn it they will surely struggle to grow. Congrats n God bless .

  2. Ajay’s achievement and his mother sacrifices will definitely depicts the story which titled as”good decision makes treasure of pleasure”

  3. Fantastic….hats off to the mother who has taken a firm and tactful decision which in turn helped her children to make their lives successful.proud of the kids too to having being wonderfully cooperated.

  4. Great Mom and equally great children. God bless you son and I hope you have a great future. I hope other youngsters are reading.

  5. Congrats…
    You had got the good results for your hardwork and your parent’s blessings. Don’t forget them ever in your life.
    Good luck for your future.

  6. This is a great motivational example to the present young generations to do the right things at right time to be a successful good citizen of this country. It proves if there is a will every thing is possible, never give up your hard work & unwavering efforts young lads !!!!! Good Luck to all / Kindest Regards Mr. Santi

  7. Congratulations Ajay,As a Mother here makes me proud of a Son like u
    This is is an example for all youngster but it is also necessary that these young once know the situation they stand into their daily life n b focussed to achieve by being serious wen needed coz once time is flown ,is not back
    All starts fem home as they say ,We shod mend their minds n try to mould them for their future

  8. Hats off to your Mother and Father Ajay.. Jain College of Engineering, Department of MBA Management and faculty feels proud of your achievements.. You have proved everything is possible if you have firm will power and dedication.
    We proudly say you are JCE MBA student.. God bless you.. Have a bright and wonderful future..


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