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Spundhan software development provider from Belgaum

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Spundhan is a leading provider of software development, training and consultancy services. To name a few, they specialize in embedded systems, RTOS, device drivers, software timing analysis and much more. spundhan

Incorporated in 2008, Spundhan is growing from strength to strength. They treat their Customers as guests and provide the highest quality of service.

Headquartered in Belgaum, they are close to major IT hubs (Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad and Goa) allowing us to reach out and help customers locally.

The word Spundhan (Spandhana/Spandana in Kannada language) has several meanings and origins. The Indian version of Spundhan means “heartbeat” and motivation. According to numerology, it is said that people or objects with this name tend to be very spiritually involved, often found lost in great thoughts and generally quite successful in business.

Spundhan Softwares, a private limited company founded in 2008, is headquartered at Belgaum,. Spundhan is committed to providing its customers/clients with a high quality of software development services in the form of product development, training activities and consultancy.

At Spundhan they believe in keeping it simple yet great. They provide a wide range of services that include:

·         Product Research and Design

·         Consultancy

·         Embedded Systems

·         Linux Integration

·         Software Porting

Product Research and Design

You have a great idea? And no Resource to exploit it? They are here to help you. At Spundhan, they will nurture your idea and make it a reality. They offer complete or a partial package in product research and design activities. Their core competencies lies in the following software technologies:

·         C/C++ and Ada for Windows/Linux.

·         Products using the Linux operating system.

·         Java technologies.

·         Eclipse-based product development

·         Real-Time Operating Systems, device drivers, software – hardware integration.

·         Industrial Automation: computer-controlled devices, robotics.


The above list is only indicative of their competencies and is not complete.


Need help with your problem? At Spundhan, they provide specialized consultancy in the area of embedded systems design. They help clients with design problem, timing issues and software optimizations. Their expertise include:

·         System integration problems.

·         RTOS configuration or scheduling problems.

·         Open source adaptation.

·         Software Timing problems (WCET).

·         Linux related issues.

Embedded Systems

They have immense experience in developing and deploying embedded system software ranging from high-level application development to low-level system software development such as real-time operating systems, device drivers, etc. They will help you design and develop your next embedded systems with the highest standards in terms of software quality and reliability.

Do you face timing problems when deploying your embedded software on target? They have a unique solution for you. They have partnered with Rapita Systems Ltd., UK,  a world’s leading provider of worst-case execution time profiling tools. They offer a range of consultancy services and WCET products from Rapita Systems to help you get rid of your timing issues forever.

Linux/OS Integration

Their team is highly skilled and experienced in custom operating system development. Are you looking to deploy an operating system to perform a fixed set of defined tasks and has no extra complicated features? Look no further… At Spundhan, they offer customization to the Linux operating system and/or development of a new operating system from scratch.

Spundhan has developed an in-house real-time operating system available FREE of cost with one of its training courses.

Software Porting

Tied to legacy software and want to port it to a new platform? Want to carry the success of your software on one platform to another? Why waste time training your staff to do a one time job? They are experienced in porting software written in C/C++ and Ada on Windows and Linux operating systems.


Spundhan Softwares
H.No. 666, II stage, RC Nagar, Belgaum- 590006
Phone: +91-831-2442200

Thanks R K Patil.

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