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300 students in the line of Fire at AITM

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AITM college on Savgaon road
AITM college on Savgaon road

Atul Chaturvedi Source: Bangalore Mirror

MLIRC sends notice to District authorities to know how the college has come up with out their NOC.

300 students are hanging on a line of fire as the MLIRC has sent a letter to the district authorities to look into the matter urgently as the college is situated near the firing range.

angadiSuresh Angadi the sitting BJP MP from Belgaum just started the Suresh Angadi Education Foundations new educational institute, the Angadi Institute of Technology and Management AITM, allegedly in the danger zone of weapon firing ranges of MLIRC on Savagaon Road. This has adversely affected the training of army personnel. Suresh Angadi is the sitting BJP MP from Belgaum.

The college started functioning recently. The students and teachers have reacted in dismay as the MLIRC of the Indian Army served separate notices to the deputy commissioner and Belgaum Urban Development Authority asking for a clarification at the earliest on September 1.

In the notice issued to the deputy commissioner by the MLIR, Colonel R K Mishra, observes that the college complex of AITM has been constructed in Survey No 72/73 which lies in the danger zone of the Baghdad-Asmara field firing ranges. Further, he states that as per the Karnataka Gazette Notification dated 10th Feb 1981, the area in question has been notified as a firing range. He further states that “It is not understood as to how construction has been allowed without obtaining a ‘No Objection Certificate’ from the local military authorities, keeping in view the safety of students and civilians moving in and around the college complex.”

He also says that they have stopped the firing of weapons lest any untoward incident takes place. But the let up in the firing is taking a toll on the training of Army personnel. Col R K Mishra has requested the deputy commissioner to issue a clarification at the earliest so that he can intimate the same to higher military authorities.

However, MP Suresh Angadi has turned down all the allegations made by MLIRC officials.
Angadi said it was his land and he has constructed the college and said that the firing range has been shifted to Mau but he was unaware of any notices been sent by the MLIRC.

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