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by Sameer Majli
With the fervour of the annual examinations having died down and a few entrance examinations having yielded results better than, as per or less than expectations, the hectic race is on to grab a spot and a seat in an institution which would help lay the foundations of a fruitful and expectant career. Most have made their own shades of peace with the outcomes of the examinations; the scores that the students have managed to accomplish and grades that the universities have been generous enough to grant. The is hectic movement in context of making sense of the advertisements, the offerings and the fees that one has to dish out to accommodate desired academic pursuits.

Anxiety reigns supreme amongst both the cheerful and forlorn looking students and their families seeking to make a fresh academic pact. There is a sudden surge in the number of advisors with all the neighbours, friends and relatives jumping into the fray, offering their own share of advice; largely dependent on their own perceptions experiences and personal preferences.

The unpredictability of the rains seems to go hand in hand with this yearly exercise and while a whole lot of logic is applied and sometimes conveniently ignored in the process, one thing is for sure; everything is done with a lot of hope and expectation.

As the vehicular parking opposite institutions and the queues of the parents and students gets thicker, the waiting lines swell and it is almost as if education has suddenly accomplished more focus than it usually manages to do during the rest of the year.

Restricting ourselves to our awareness generation capacity and refraining from the advisory role, it is only apt that we at All About Belgaum have a thing or two to say in context of the events unfolding. While the choice of the institution would largely hinge around the capabilities and incapability, both academic and financial of the group of individuals indulgent in decision making, it is equally important to choose what is best for both the family and the student concerned. As far as the institution is concerned, we believe and opine that one should opt for the educational portal that promises to best accommodate the interests of the student in question.

The traditional school of thought in context of education in India has always had its roots in deep rooted faith and trust. Parents in the good old days entrusted the responsibility of the child to the one individual/ school which they could trust. It is this faith and the ability of the teacher/institution to live up to these requisites that made education comprehensive, meaningful, fulfilling and worthwhile.

Value for education and value through education is always accomplished when the responsibility associated with the process is shared by the parent, the student and more importantly the institution/it’s representatives. This is a factor that seeks to reach beyond other aspects that govern this all important decision.

One of the most important reasons for the evolution of this town as an educational hub has been an inherent culture that produced and still continues to produce individuals committed to the cause of the facilitation comprehensive learning. While there may be anomalies that tarnish the purity of this domain of commitment, there also are more than just a reasonable number of Belgaumites who continue their commitment to the cause.

It is “Higher Education Time” and just like we wish and pray for the rains, we also wish that the torrential uncertainty stay miles away from the careers of our students. May the best prevail in the best interests of the inhabitants and the academic repute of this wonderful corner of the blue planet.

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