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IIT at Belgaum meeting with CM on 29

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126 MLA’s have given their consent for the starting of the IIT at Belgaum said Belgaum South MLA Abhay Patil yesterday at a meet held at IMER.

 Earlier in the month meets were held in Belgaum in which a draft memorandum was prepared and ground was prepared for approaching the State and central governments to start an IIT here.

Veerappa Moily is said to be trying to get IIT to Chikkaballapur and that is why we should all get together and tell the Prime minister and others why Belgaum needs an IIT and what are the advantages of establishing it here, MLA further added. 

A crucial meeting will be held with CM Yedurappa on 29th in which all the ministers and MLAs will attend. MLA’s and MP’s of Bagalkot, Bijapur and also Kolhapur and Goa have agreed for the establishment of an IIT here. 

An internet web portal must be started for this cause to encourage the youth and others to know about Belgaum was also discussed. 

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7 thoughts on “IIT at Belgaum meeting with CM on 29”

  1. Finally some good news for Belgaum. Its not about setting up of an IIT here, but about the youth and the local POLITICANS (not to be surprised) playing the major part in this regard. Whether the IIT will be set here or not is a different thing, the thing is that


    and I wish its awake forever.

  2. Yes Belgaum has AWAKEN…..

    Its really a good initiative,,,, if the same unity continues between the local belgaumites and the politicians then belgaum can grow to any hights…

    if the same unity would have possessed long back we would have won TATA's big projects and many other industries which are bieng shifted from Belgaum….

    Hope to C IIT in Belgaum….

  3. Considering the facilities required at any IIT, a min of 1000 acres of land is required. Though an 800 acres of land has been seen to be available for the set up of the IIT at belgaum, it won't be sufficient considering the future expansion …. so i request the struggling team for the setup of IIT at belgaum to look into this matter. IIT Kanpur is 1500 acres … IIT Roorkee, one of the most beautiful IIT, is around 500 acres … if you guys happen to go there you will observe that there is no space for expansion … even this 500 acres is not sufficient …. its packed with buildings …. such a thing should happen….

  4. yes belgaum require an IIT.
    As belgaum city is already having 7 Engg colleges, it must need an IIT to encourage engg. student to go for further studies.
    IIT Bombay & IISc Bangalore are too far & for the north karnataka & south maharastra people it inconveint to reach those IIT, so BELGAUM is best reachable place for those people.

    Hope that our prasent govt gives concentration about the education improvement & grant an IIT in belgaum city.

  5. i hope the topic on IIT belgaum is not just a political hype …. why isn’t any news on the meeting held …. no clue about the meeting on google as well .. anyone any idea whats happpening ????

  6. Hi Uday/Belgaumites,

    Is their any news about meeting help during 29th July regarding the IIT Belgaum?

    As per latest news, there are two more Engineer colleges taking its shape in Belgaum. The SCET ( Shaikh Collage of Engineering and Technology)of PEST Education Society and SGBT Shri S.G. Balekundri collage of Engineering taking the total number of engineering collages to five in the city. (Please check for more information)

    So what/why our Elected representatives thinking more? Why can't they listen to peoples?
    What happened to 126 MLA's ? No body is talking about this?

    Can we know the status please? Is their anything going to happen or its Just more aashwaasan given to Belgaumites?

    We need your support as we know what we lost so far for last 50 years and we know what’s our city’s potential.

    All Belgaumites please join hands to develop our city.
    Jai hoo..


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