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KLS school parents against unjust fee hike

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The parents of the KLS public school Tilakwadi Belgaum gave a memorandum to the DC regarding the unjustified fee hike done by the school management.

The memorandum states that the school has done an unjustified hike in school (tuition fees) and asked the parents to pay the same by April 30th in one go and not in installments.

There were various meetings of the parents and management of the school and in the latest meeting held on 10th April, 2012 the management decided to reduce the fees by Rs.600 but the parents agreed to only a 10% hike. But the management did not heed to the request of the parents. One parent also said that management said if you cannot afford to pay the fees you are free to shift your children from here.kls

The management said that they have 67 staff members for which they have to pay salaries and hence a Fee hike is very much required.

The parents also complain about buying uniforms from only selected shops and also paying higher than MRP on books being sold by the school.

It may be recalled that the parents had come together and raised their voice against the working of the principal of Amrita Vidyalayam last year and they also succeeded.

Now it will be eager to see how the administration reacts to this situation.

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  1. it is easier to blame, there are so many government schools that want pupils. I myself have learned mostly at government school, my whole graduation was done in a year’s tuition fee for today’s 1st graders. my cousins have passed out from vernacular language mediums and have done professional courses like engineering, ca, etc Today every one is busy, mother is busy with TV, father is busy at work to earny even more, grandparents are shunted out quickly, education has become truly professional with commensurate fees being charged for the services provided, not provied or said to be provided. Then everyone has a dream of leaving GOD BLESS AMERICA…hoping this cycle of money to continue even further and everyone lives in this world more unhappily… earn more to fill the stomachs of others.

  2. Amrita vidyalayam’ case was different. It was about a very uncultured, arrogent indiciplined Principal. It was not about fee hike. The issue is not resolved yet. There were four peoples resignation demanded. only one has been withdrawn, the equally incapable puppet is now sitting as principal. Primary class children are allowed to copy in the exams. The answer papers are not shown to the parents, because it exposes the stupid ways of correction and the hopeless principal is incapable to cope up. this is the so-called religious trust, who claims to provide a class of education and actually providing a class of hipocracy.
    Concerned parents should interfere for better reasons than fee hike. to maintain the integrity of the teachers and the children. The managements are only interested in profits and exploitation of the parents. We can only hope for better.

  3. KLE Institute itself is wast, they are not here for education but to make money. The fees they charge does’t worth it’s cost.

  4. All schools are collecting photocopies of birth certificate,but KLS is the one in world which insists for original birth certificate.Shame on the management.Are not they blackmailing?

    • Each school checks the original birth certificate with the photocopy while giving the forms. Then while taking admission one has to attach the original birth certificate with the admission form. So whats wrong in this if we have read u correctly


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