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Making a move in the educational domain post the teen-age is certainly a crucial aspect for any student for his/her future. More so, in Indian context because of the unspoken peer pressure to be ahead in the race or the parental expectations of making it large or extra large in some cases for their wards. Amidst all this, the teen certainly has to cope with other student life anecdotes, which are getting innovative with the advent of every new technology. And not to forget the macro environment factors viz. politics or failure of administration affecting the academic life of a student.

Plethora of Choices

With the career choices getting multiplied in the life out there as you read these lines, students are spoiled with a long list of options available in every step of their life. But unfortunately, the choices in terms of career haven’t touched them or spoiled them in a right way (if we can say so) Moving away from the conventional educational degree titles, we have been seeing innovative and off the track educational courses penetrating into the social structure of the world. The pace at which the ingredients of the only life supporting planet are changing, the same has also been witnessed in the educational domain. Though these changes have yielded great results in a majority of developed nations of the world, but the same is at a nascent stage in our system of education. Understanding the need of the same, the government establishment have been constantly pushing various programs to educate the younger lot of generation in the domain which are not been considered as the most needed ones. Recently, one of the leading Human Resource consulting company in India revealed the economical benefits that a student earns over a period of 3 to 5 years post a skill based certification is higher as compared to a graduate and even a post-graduate in some cases. And with the entry of formal structure of teaching in the every possible stratum of our educational courses, today we offer a wider range of educational or career oriented possibilities than ever before.

Making the right connect of course with your capabilities

Understanding the options available for students is a tiring activity not only for the students but also for their parents. We have been seeing a rapid growth in the profession of counselling the students to assess their capacity to take up specific course to make their career. The various assessments tests available today to unlock the hidden capabilities of a student, enables them to make an informed decision for their future in the type of educational qualification to be opted for. Connecting your capability to understand a few things in your books and aligning them to the career options is indeed vital at this stage. An individual may well understand the mathematical concepts as against mugging up the scientific theories, need to undergo an assessment and connect the same with the type of career option one would get after completing his educational journey. Though the process of connecting your capabilities with the nature of degree you need to pursue is a vital, yet a tricky one. But with a little push on the part of the child and their wards, understanding the capabilities and introducing the right path of education would be certainly an eye opener and a guarantee of successful journey.

Is it my own choice ? (My child will be a Doctor / Engineer)

One of the major concerns deterring our young minds from going out and exploring their capabilities, is the freedom in making their own choices. To a greater extent, it’s the parents of the wards who need the special care and attention by giving the required counselling to allow their kids to explore the newer aspects of educational sphere. Far and large everybody agrees on the fact that the newer generation is smarter than the previous one, but when it comes to making the educational choices the same logic is not applied. This is also quite unfortunate in some cases, that the choices for opting a specific stream of course is chosen by the individual in the family who has never understood it nor done it in his life by himself. Though, a word of caution or an expert opinion is always recommended and essential to be taken but it’s also important to know that the same needs to be taken from the right professional at a right time.

And to put it in a nut shell to all the young brains, ‘Choose a path which interests you and not a choice which is simply interesting’.

(About the author: Mr.Suhas Rajput, Director, TRINITY Finishing School and also a free-lance corporate trainer & recruitment consultant)

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