Want to be a Graduate or Skilled Graduate?

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The admission season for the various graduation courses are to begin, and the students must be relaxing and enjoying the fulfillment of 2nd PU Examinations. But in this period it’s sure they are having lighter talks and thoughts with parents, friends regarding which course to pursue next? Based on Individuals dreams and aspirations there is a vast number of courses to choose from.

It’s obvious for a student who has dreamt or has passion towards engineering and medicine to take up the respective stream of education. There are even many instances wherein an engineer or doctor has chosen an unrelated profession and made a successful career in it. In a way, he has followed his passion irrespective of peer pressure or any other reasons. The next preferred graduation courses in the region are BA, BSc, BCom, BBA, BCA, BSW, etc. The number of graduate courses in Health care sector offers a good scope of employment as well as entrepreneurship.

It’s the fact known to everyone that there is a bright future for a student in any stream of studies provided the student does well in the respective courses and the Post graduation course that follows. Before a student chooses a course the student must think of the outcome of the course. No doubt all courses offer graduation degree which makes him eligible for getting jobs in government as well as private sector, appear for Competitive exams etc. And there is a huge gap between Government job applicants and the vacancies. And private jobs are purely based on performance and productivity. The private jobs demand productivity from day one, also reward and appreciate the performers.

Nowadays finding a job even in the private sector is not a cake walk. The important point to understand is does the recruiter finds a graduate eligible? Or can the candidate be productive without training? Hence before choosing the course and the college the students and the parents should observe if a particular course and the college provides requisite skills required to get employed and perform well in the job. A graduate opting for the job initially gets a managerial or supervisory job in the stream of administration, marketing, finance, human resource, production, operations, sales, marketing(online and offline) etc. But does the graduation degree he holds has in any way given him the prior knowledge of the work he would be doing? So that he can break the ice immediately at the job? Even if the student is planning for competitive exams such as IBPS, FDC, KAS, etc is he prepared to perform the task? Though clearing the competitive exam is most important, bur pre acquiring skills doesn’t harm.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA/BBM) course attempts to give an answer to all the above questions and problems. As the name suggests Bachelor of Business Administration/ Management. The course trains and builds persons administrative, management skills, Leadership skills and builds confidence to take up the task and complete it with responsibility.

Like any other course the University syllabus, internal tests, project works, assignments etc take care of the academic development of the student. Apart from this, there is another part of the BBA course which colleges nowadays are more stress on. And that is the make or break part of the student’s career. That is the “Skill Development”. It is not mandatory by the university, but the demand of the recruiters.

Recruiters nowadays do not spend time and money on training the candidates, especially in the sales and marketing, finance and human resource stream. That’s why they avoid hiring fresh graduates and resort to overburdening the existing employees. Realizing this BBA college across the state, have started giving more importance to skill development. Students are groomed each day with their Group discussion, Presentation, Seminars skills Industry interactions, Industry visits and they are monitored one on one, unlike earlier where students used to perform these activities only during management festivals. The management festivals have been entirely student driven.

Apart from these, the colleges are coordinating with the local businesses and providing hands-on experience in the field of Distributor/Stockiest handling, retailer handling, where they learn about different stock management techniques in practice such as FIFO, LIFO, strategies to prevent stock from expiring, Employee training, motivating techniques followed, Stockbroking etc. And companies are also encouraging such move as they feel there is no better lab to test the performance of the candidate than the real market.

Moreover, BBA is a stream of studies wherein there is a sea of scope to choose a career and get trained as per its needs and step out of the college and start performing. I urge the students to have a thought on the outcome of the course and the training process followed by the colleges before taking a decision.


Nachiket Hanmantgad, Lecturer KLE Society`s College of Business Administration, Nipani

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  1. Sad that no govt college in city offering degree courses of BCom, BA, BSc, LLb graduation or post graduation. Poor and middle class students have to either migrate or leave education since they cannot afford atrocious donations and fee by pvt colleges in city run by politicians.

    City needs at least 2 govt A++ grade colleges urgently.

    Citizens should demand when these fellows come to beg for votes.


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