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  • Which are the best restaurant’s in and around Belgaum ?

Answer: There are many. In fact food in Belgaum is not a problem. You can get kind of cuisine here. north Indian, Chinese etc.
Some good places Eefa, Shankam residency, Sun n Sand, Mithila, Paratha Corner, Panchamrut, suruchi, Safforn, Adarsh, Only Fish, Adinarayan, Ajanta Cafe.

  • What to take away from Belgaum as gifts for my family
    Answer :
    Belgaum is famous for Kunda and now with new packing it can last upto a month so don’t forget that. Best place to buy Kunda would be Gajanan Mitahiwala in Vithaldev Galli, Shahpur or at Camp Purohit or Kalyani Sweets in camp and Khade Bazar. Also very famous is Mande or Mandige, a sweet which has very good shelf life. If you are planning to buy some sarees then go to Shahpur and get authentic Belgaum sarees.
  • What is the best time to visit Belgaum?
    Answer: Belgaum is normally cool all the year round. During summers the temperature will rise to 40 deg. Celsius and in winter the day temperature can fall down to 10 deg. Celsius. In the rains tough it would be little tough time as it would pour down heavily from June to August.
  • How do I make a complaint to the City Corporation Belgaum?
    Answer: Online Public Grievance Redressal System…..essal.html

Also see, Register Complaint via Phone
Complete the Grievance Registration Form (Kannada Form/English Form) and call 0831-2405316 to register your complaint.
City Corporation Belgaum: Officials…../index.jsp

Queries about Property Tax Register, Self-Assessed Property Tax etc
List of Officials of Belgaum Corporation…..staff.html

  • Can I get the numbers of Blood banks in Belgaum?
    Answer: Belgaum Blood Bank 2425835
    Civil Hospital Blood Bank 2420303
    K.L.E Blood Bank 2473777 Extn.1170
    Mahaveer Blood Bank 2430759

Are there any Hearse Vans?
Corporation 2460302
Private 2466987 / 2433337

Is there a way to contact the Belgaum Post Office,

Belgaum 2431092
Speed Post 2469333
Telegraph 2431420

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