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  1. Sir,
    I am very thank full to you and my best wishes for your hard work and publishing the good information of our city BELGAVI (BELGAUM).
    I want to bring to your notice that there is a correction in the NGO L

  2. Hello sir..who ever is running this website might be having an idea about NGO.. I need help I want to serve public plz guide me by proper instructions of joining NGO.. I want to know what facilities govt provide for such organizations..
    Plz email me @[email protected]

  3. sir ..
    i want to also help and serve to people who need..
    plz give me some way to help to peple valunterly..i wish to work to needful people.

  4. I basically a pharmacist, i also had diploma in hiv& family education from igno l, iwanted to join an ngo working on hiv rehabilitation, any ngo interested in please contact

  5. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Greetings from Vidya Poshak Family

    Vidya Poshak is working with a vision for Empowering the Educational community from 2001 in Karnataka, India. Vidya Poshak has adopted a holistic approach towards its vision.

    Meritorious yet Economically challenged students are supported for pursuing post 10th grade till they complete their Higher Education.

    NURTURE MERIT PROGRAM is a well-structured and focused program to support bright students coming from economically challenged families. We support the students with
    ​1) ​Financial Assistance​:​ which covers college fees, exam fees & bus pass.
    ​2) ​Books & Library Services: Free Text book​, workshops ​and internet usage ​​​are lent to our student beneficiaries​​.
    ​3) ​Residential Bridge Camps: We arrange a ​9​ day​s​ residential training to enhance communication and employment opportunities of our students.

    The progress of each student is closely monitored throughout the support period. Contact details of students along with their profiles are provided to donors.

    Identification of students is done by physical visits to students dwelling units to asses poverty and need to ensure only deserving applicant received the benefit.

    ​ ​6​00 senior and student volunteers assist Vidya Poshak in implementing the programmes. To assess the financial need, the volunteers visit dwelling units of the students.

    Vidya Poshak acts as a surrogate or extended family for the needs of the students. More organization details are available on

    ​For more details here with i am sharing ​V​idya Poshak organization overview​ ​and ​sample ​profiles of scholars for your ​kind ​reference.

    Kindly let me know if you need any further information. Looking forward your association in serving the needy students communities

    Thanks & Regards
    Sunil Nilajkar

  6. Dear Sir /Madaum ,Tamminda namma school and children’s ge help bekagide , nanu namma school and children’s ge swataha sakastu notebooks ,byags , dattu yojana dalli 5 children’s ge 1 year purti avarige bekad sahay ,sahakar,tour ge kharchu madutiddene , children’s ge swatah madyan bisioot ge weekly dose,puri bhaji, idli, sirs,chapati, savige payasa, holige,kadabi,jilebi, bhaji,gulabjamunu , milkge bournvita nidutiddene . tamma sanste(organization) dinda endaru help iddre madi , I need some helps to school and children’s , I need benches, tables, chairs, books, byags, uta maduva bisiootkkagi plates,vati, glass, water filter, Computer, any other helps to our school and children’s. Please any one .thank u , Address : Shri A.M.Tevaratti H M ,G.K.L.P.S .Mudavitot Mole ,Taluka Athani ,Distinct Belagavi ,Karnataka. Mobile number 9902911821. Thank .


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