SRS Travels opens it own departure terminal near Hotel Ramdev

SRS Belgaum Departure terminal behind Pai Foods

Citing this issue SRS travels which operates a large number of buses has now opened its own departure terminal just behind Pai foods Nehru Nagar.
All SRS buses will depart from the said terminal and will not be parked on the main road. This departure terminal is on the same lines that of a similar terminal which is in Anandrao Circle Bangalore. srs1
All the major private bus operators have their offices at Hotel Sukhsagar and nearby and all the buses have a similar time of departure of 7pm to 10pm and during this time the said road is blocked.
This seems to be a welcome step taken by SRS Travels, and the local authorities should also look into this and allot a land for departure of the buses which will avoid traffic chaos.
Photos: Biswajith 



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