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 Belgaum has THREE assembly constituencies (1) Belgaum South (2)Belgaum North (3) Belgaum Rural.
You can know which ward you belong to by searching for your particular area. Not all areas have been mentioned and list of areas covered under each ward is not exhaustive, but gives you an idea of your ward number which is essential for various works related to the corporation and also when elections for the City Corporation are announced.

Belgaum South Constituency consists of the following areas.


Part of Belgaum taluka, ward no 1 to 26.

Ward No.1 consists of Majgaon,Harijanwada,Mahaver Nagar,Shanti Sagar Colony.

Ward No.2 consists of Ranaprtap road, Angol C scheme, RC Nagar 1st Stage,KLE Qtrs,Raghvednra Colony,Srikrishna Colony,Lidkar Colony

Ward No.3 consists of Angol C scheme, RC Nagar 2nd Stage, part of Raghvednra Colony,Parvati nagar,Laxmi Nagar,Guruprasad Colony, Kaveri Nagar parts of Bhavani Nagar.

Ward No.4 consists of Angol, Nath Pai Nagar, Syndicate Colony

Ward No.5 consists of Angol, shivshakti Nagar, Vada Compound, Raghunath Peth

Ward No.6 consists of Ambedkar Nagar, Kanakdas Colony, Indira Colony, Zatpat Colony, Buda Colony, Sant meera area

Ward No.7 consists of VidyaNagar, Bhagya Nagar,Shaydri Nagar,Gulmohar Colony, Gomtesh Vidyapeeth

Ward No.8 consists of Chidambar Nagar, Mrtunjay Nagar, Khanapur Road,Tilakwadi

Ward No.9 consists of Vadgaon, Yellur Road, Adarsh Nagar

Ward No.10 consists of Anand Colony, Ranzunzar Colony,Sambhaji Nagar

Ward No.11 consists of Vadgaon, Mangai Nagar, Rajwada compound

Ward No.12 consists of Malprabha Nagar, Kalyan nagar, Vaddar Chavni

Ward No.13 consists of old Belgaum, Vadgoan,Dhamne Road, Laxmi Nagar

Ward No.14 consists of Dhamne Road, Bangarrapa Colony, Bharat Nagar

Ward No.15 consists of Hindwadi, Anandwadi,Bharat Nagar, Vadgoan Road,Sarvodaya Colony

Ward No.16 consists of Saraf Colony, Hindwadi,Rande Colony, Subhash Mkt

Ward No.17 consists of Tilakwadi, Shivaji Nagar, Chogule Wadi, Vaccine depot, BUDA Sc.33

Ward No.18 consists of Nanawadi, Tilakwadi, KWDS Qtrs,Desai Farm, Godsewadi, Bhavni Nagar, Karippa Colony, Laxmi tekdi,MG colony

Ward No.19 consists of Shahpur, Parts of Shastri Nagar,Jakkin hond, Indra prast Nagar,Phule Rd

Ward No.20 consists of Shahpur

Ward No.21 consists of Khasbag, Vaddar Chavni, Gade Marg

Ward No.22 consists of Gayatri Nagar, Teachers Colony

Ward No.23 consists of Khasbag, Joshi Mala, Om Nagar

Ward No.24 consists of Hosur

Ward No.25 consists of Hulbatte Colony, Shastri Nagar,

Ward No.26 consists of Shahpur, Kapileshwar Colony, Mahaveer Ngr, Goodshed Rd,Hosur.


Belgaum NORTH Constituency consists of the following areas.

Cantonment and ward 27 to 58.

Ward No.27 consists of Mahadwar Road, Digambar Jain boarding,Somnath Nagar

Ward No.28 consists of Patil Galli, Mujawar Galli,Tahshildar Galli,Bhandur Galli,Smbhaji Galli, Kapileshwar Rd,Sambhaji Galli

Ward No.29 consists of Fulbag Galli, Ekedi Galli,parts of tahshildar Galli,Bhandur Galli,

Ward No.30 consists of Mali Galli, Math Galli,Kulkarni Galli, Anatshyan Galli,Sheri Galli, Ramling Khind Galli, Konwal Galli

Ward No.31 consists of Maruti Galli, Ganpat Galli, Basvan Galli,Deshpande Galli

Ward No.32 consists of Kadolkar Galli, Azad Galli, Mensi Galli,Bhatkande Galli, market,Risaldar Galli, Ramdev Galli, Samdevi Galli, Shaniwar Khoot, Gondhali Galli, Narvekar Galli

Ward No.33 consists of Bhendi Bazar, Azad Galli,Darbar Galli, Khade Bazar,Kasai Galli, Mali Galli

Ward No.34 consists of Khanjar Galli, Ganpat Galli, Pangul Galli,

Ward No.35 consists of Gee Galli, Chandu Galli,Kotwal Galli

Ward No.36 consists of Gondhali Galli,Kali Amrai, Kangral Galli

Ward No.37 consists of Shetty Galli, Bhadkal Galli, Khadak Galli

Ward No.38 consists of Chavat Galli, Shetty Galli

Ward No.39 consists of Kali Ambrai, Lingraj College qtrs,

Ward No.40 consists of College Rd,Club Rd, KLE QTRs,Sindhi Colony, Pipeline Rd,Vinayak Nagar,Bauxite Rd,Hanuman Nagar

Ward No.41 consists of Sadashiv Nagar,Jadhav Nagar,Rail Nagar

Ward No.42 consists of APMC QTRs,Azam Nagar,Shahu Nagar, Kangrali Khrud

Ward No.43 consists of Basav Colony, vidyagiri, Nehru Nagar

Ward No.44 consists of Shivbasva Nagar, MM Extn,JNMC QTRs

Ward No.45 consists of Ramnagar, Ayodhya Nagar, Kolhapur Cross

Ward No.46 consists of Gangwadi, Ramnagar

Ward No.47 consists of New Veerbhdra Nagar, Jawan QTRs,

Ward No.48 consists of Jail Colony

Ward No.49 consists of Shivaji Nagar, Gandhi Nagar

Ward No.50 consists of Old & New Gandhinagar, Basvan Kudchi, Sambra Rd.

Ward No.51 consists of Mhantesh Nagar,Azad Nagar

Ward No.52 consists of RC Colony shree nagar, Vantmuri Colony,Malmaruti Colony, Anjaney Nagar,Srinagar

Ward No.53 consists of postal QTRs,KMF

Ward No.54 consists of Rukmani Nagar,Ashraya Colony,

Ward No.55 consists of Vaibhav Nagar,Indal, Yamnapur,BK Kangrali

Ward No.56 consists of Kanbargi,Basvankoll,Mutyannatti,Kakti

Ward No.57 consists of Kanbargi, Ahsraya Colony

Ward No.58 consists of Basvan Kudchi,Ars Colony,Alarwad

Belgaum RURAL Constituency consists of the following areas.

Uchgaon Areas & Bagewadi Areas.

Some important places here: Sulga,Sanstibastwad,Hindalga,Navge,Waghwade,Desur,Sonoli

Some important places from Bagewadi Areas:Badas,NadniHalli, Bsarikatti,Sambra,Halga,Marihal,Shindoli

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  1. What is the ward number of Anjaney Nagar, and also who is the corporator of this Area and can any body tell me about their name and contact mobile number

  2. I want to know about our voters list, which ward we belong to? ours is Gajanan maharaj nagar main road, tilakwadi belgaum. ( maniyar layout)


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