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AAB turns 10

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August 7, 2017; as this time mark arrives, when we pause to count our blessings as it’s been a TEN year journey of touching the various aspects of what makes us wish to continue our endeavor of bringing to the fore, the little things that make us showcase “All About Belgaum”.

The past decade has been a process of learning, sharing and caring that has today enabled us become an integral part of the lives of about thousands of individuals who share our passion for this wonderful place.


Over 1,56,969 Likes on Facebook
Over 3,02,254 page views a month
Over 7,351 stories on the website
Over 25,369 comments on the website
Over 3,563 followers on Twitter
Read from over 90 countries worldwide

As we move into our 11th year of operations, we wish to thank all those who have made this journey possible, pleasurable and worthwhile.

We embark on another year of commitment with the wish and hope that we become more than just a showcase for the various issues that we highlight.
We wish to, in our own way, be an important tool of change through the presentation of the various issues that directly or indirectly affect all of us.
We wish to be the source of unity and harmony as we acquaint people with various aspects of various cultures and religions that our wonderful city is blessed with.

May be Small but we did create an Impact by giving a vent to the voice of the citizens of Belagavi. The frontline Media, Print and Audio Visual closely follow this blog to see for some interesting story which they might have missed.

We are just a small drop in this ocean of information where we have tried to get the Better of Belagavi to you.

We wish to continue Our journey in an unbiased and unprejudiced manner.
It is in making a difference that we seek to be different.

13 thoughts on “AAB turns 10”

  1. It’s a great achievement penning down useful articles for a decade and more so over also connecting / upgrading all Belgaumites on the daily developments. Congratulations to the entire team of AAB.

  2. Congratulations Team AAB.
    Thanks for providing regular info of our beloved city, for all Belgaumites residing in every part of the world.
    Cheers for your effort.

  3. Congratulations AAB !!! for successful completion of 10 years, many more to come.
    I am happy to be connected with my hometown; being 1000 of miles away at this moment and this possible just because of AAB’s presence :-).

    Thanks for all your hard work in delivering BELAGAVI/BELGAUM/BELAGAON news to all those are away from hometown.

    Once again congratulations.


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