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Why every being needs to be a Green Saviour?

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By Rupa Ghadi

Only when the last tree has died, the last river has been poisoned, the last fish has been caught will we realize that we cannot eat money”

On Sunday was a probably a wake up call for the all the Green Saviours activists in Belagavi who spare their two and half hour every Sunday morning in an attempt to dress up Belagavi back with its green jewels. Green Saviours were awestruck when Capt. Dhond explained the findings of his team on the impact that the infrastructural changes may it be for water supply or advancements in any way are getting to the ecological system of Western Ghats. The impact is so huge that in future there will no falls, no rains, major part of the forest will be destroyed and with it will be the destruction of all of the living beings interdependent (sounds exaggerating but this is the forecast for the next decade).

gs-dhondWell there have been several reports/telecasts/documentaries to prove that how rapid is the impact of global warming on this planet. Probably this could not be better understood when your own habitat is on the verge of destruction. People fighting for diverting of rivers/construction of dams/infrastructural advancements will be left with no rains, which means no water at all. The dams constructed at the cost of this vast ecological imbalance are going to dry up soon and there will be no forest left for the catchment of rains.

I wonder how such decisions are being implemented without the consent of environmentalists and analysis of prospective consequences.

However now that the damage is already caused, we can just bring in compensatory action in place with immediate effect. Although our planet is 510.1 million km², we are finding it very difficult and challenging to find a land to plant trees in Belagavi. Any individual/corporate/Govt. office we approach are anticipating some kind of development work to happen on the existing available open lands.

It is time that we the people of Belagavi, who once inhaled fresh air, witnessed the heaviest rainfalls where in schools were shut down, loved the chilling mornings during Diwali season and every morning on all 365 days woke up with watching/hearing the chirps of different birds need to act and fight for the survival of what remains.

Quite understandable that we are investing most of our time to earn our bread and butter struggling to kind of live our life to its fullest, need to realize that this comfort is not going to last for long. Probably the transition has already sprouted.

Belagavi is already breaking the highest temperature records that too in early summers. We have witnessed the skies getting dark but clearing with not a dash of rain. Viruses never heard of are attacking our kids. Respiratory problems are a routine now. All these health hazards could be a sign of low oxygen level in atmosphere.

Admist all this negativity, the ray of hope is the situation can still be controlled. All we the Green Saviours of Belagavi ask from you is to donate your Sunday morning extra sleep of 2-1/2 hours every week to plant more and more trees.

This vast and massive destruction of our ecological system can only be curbed with vast and massive efforts to reform. Forget your caste/creed, forget the region/state you belong to and realize that the human race is in danger.

Call in +91-9611313919 to be a “Green Saviours” and join in the efforts to save our planet.



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