30000 trees to face the axe on NH4A

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National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) will begin work on the widening of the NH4A Belgaum-Goa National Highway where a four-lane road passing through private lands with two-lane roads(45 mtrs wide) in forest areas is proposed.

For the widening work to being over 30,000 fully-grown trees located on either side of the Belgaum-Goa National Highway will have to be cut.

NHAI plans to start road widening work from Macche to Khanapur and nearly 3000 trees will have to be cut completely. Deputy Conservator of Forests (DCF) Girish Hosur had suggested to clear the trees only on one side of the road, which was turned down by the NHAI.

The survey of said stretch is still in progress and after which an estimate of cost of the trees would be asserted and then tenders would be called for and tender could fetch about Rs.2 crores as revenue.

Initially NHAI has prepared a proposal for diversion of 77.87 hectares of forest land but the DCF recommended only 33.96 hectares. Now it is learnt that the NHAI has prepared a new plan of acquisition 52 hectares of forest land.


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  1. Hope it turns out to be a reality… so much has been said and done of this project over the years, the BELGAUM RING ROAD is still a distant dream ans so is the Belgaum_Dharwad & Belgaum_Kolhapur rail link is still a surveyor’s job.

  2. Its good that 4 laning is being done, but authority is not serious to redress the grivences of local poor farmers also they don’t bother about protecting the agriculture land where the livelihood of poor farmers are depended. There is no need to acquire farm land, if at all they need the land they could have thought 100 times and widened the existing road cutting one sided trees and acquiring minimum land parellel to the existing road. So that many acres of farm land saved and very purpose of the authority solved. But no body at the rescue of poor farmers. Oneday will come to search land to grow sufficient food grains to feed Indian people, but there will not be land remains to grow foodgrains, vegitables which is essential for the human beings.


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