69 km Ring road for Belagavi worth 2800 crore – Nitin Gadkari

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The Union Minister for Road Transport, Highways, and MSME Nitin Gadkari on Friday announced that construction of 13 highway projects of 847 kilometres at a cost of ₹21,000 crore in the North Karnataka region has been approved.

He was speaking after laying the foundation stone for the construction of the Elevated Corridor at Rani Chennamma Circle, Hubballi, and the construction of a bridge over Bedthi channel at Dastikoppa village, Kalghataki Taluk.


Projects approved for Belagavi-

Rs. 15,995 crores projects approved for Belagavi District

69 KM Belagavi Ring road (3 packages) worth Rs. 2800 crores

325 km Belagavi-Hunagund-Racihur four lane highway worth 12500 crore

Widening of Nippani- Chikkodi Highway on NH 160 Cost 145 crore

Highway between Sankeshwar- Muragundi NH548B 89 kms cost 550 crores

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  1. If its awarded to DILIP BUILDCONwhy just 2800 crores,,, it can cross 28,000 crores,, does anyone know the reason why??? Poor quality for a sing

  2. Before Karnataka municipal,Zilla Panchayat elections such announcement was expected. But honestly the state and municipal govt are thieves.

  3. Very good mr Nitin ji this will lead to employment opportunities for growth in India my company’s name Madhu India international laision and contracts consultants PMC advisory services provider msme registered women’s enterprise prop Sunita Mishra Mayur vihar phase 3 near Rayon school delhi office sangathan mantri SJP chandersekhsregroup delhi pradesh Ayodhya region development project management office dr Ambedkar Nagar Uttar Pradesh I am working with Monte Carlo Gujarat company back to back and completed hubbali Haveri Karnataka nhai highways Earth work and now looking forward to associate with nhai highways piling structure experience in construction industry’s design architecture and tender preparations services provider surveys auditing testing reports and contracts consultants PMC by drone and CPWD approved specifications and dsr rates approved projects investment clusters businessmen development manager retired from govt hscc Noida office for rendering support Engineer at AIIMS New Delhi design office in banglore manufacturing readymade building products as per CPWD approved specifications and dsr rates approved projects for pmawas Yojana scheme with World haus USA subsidiary company in banglore office Sarjapur Lucknow Uttar Pradesh govt project’s and MoU with Uttar Pradesh govt and UK dehradun uttrakhand govt for manufacturing organic food products processing and packaging plant in Ayodhya region development project dr Ambedkar Nagar Uttar Pradesh msme akaberpur DM akaberpur approved projects investment in India rs 58cr for organic food supplements and vitamins minerals distributor in Delhi in Ayodhya region for FPO company marketing company Kamdhenu awadh agro food products export quality atmnirbher bharat brand new opportunities for growth in rural areas water supply infrastructure development project manager retired engineering services provider msme registered women’s enterprise PMC spmishra advisor insurance company in India tel no 91=9313895887

    • Dumbo..!! You deserve joke of the year award..!! Just take a look at
      Khanapur-Anmod road. Nitin Gadkari deserves No-bell award for such sultry,shoddy hell-of-a-work.
      Coming to Hubli NH work,the contractor deserves death penalty
      for the accident at Itigatti last Thursday. Now you know..!!

    • Only Vijayapur required to be connected to Hubli Solapur-Vijayapur already in pogress.
      Even Vijayapur to Hubli already existed to the stretch of Nidgundi.

  4. Punjloyd company is the best company to construct best quality road as I am delay traveling from Belgaum to Kolhapur I have seen Thier work and experience of good service and quality work.pls Hon’ble Nitinji sir as you dream for India and its people then work of construction should be given to good company like punjiloye

  5. There is no any coordination between NH and state govt also local govt. Due to this the work was not done in time and there is wasteful works were carried at last the public taxpayers were will suffers and Good luck with the Best of luck.

  6. Hello Sir,
    First complete NH4 Hubali – Dharwad by
    pass high way to 4 lane it’s only around 30km. Then take it up larger project. This project is more 20 year pending why delay.. I hope you consider this process as soon as possible. Please comment on this subject.

  7. funds are being sanctioned no doubt.. But who is checking whether the work is in progress or not. Lot of road work are just lagging from past 3 years.. The quality of work is insane. Why most of work is getting delayed and not being executed in time with proper quality control. Everyday people have to face so much hassle bcos of this incomplete road work. In belgaum city.. National highway also is same case. The road is completely blocked and excavated for 3 rd year now. yet no signs of commencement of work. People are facing so much trouble yet no government cares about it.. How should people travel to other places from these vilages if the road is completely shut for years.. Its pathetic. (Anmod to khanapur goa highway)

  8. Why Belagavi by pass is getting delayed, BJP government is there in state & central. Good governance is needed to Speed up the job.

    • The farmers shall be taken into confidence. Alternate land shall be allocated to them adequate compensation shall be sanctioned and paid to them. Call for a press conference and promise them their grievances will be solved amicable

  9. Already surrounding districts which are less developed and less in population got ring road (Vijayapura, Bagalkot, Gadag, etc), few years ago only. Belagavi is lagging here.


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