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7 hour power cut in Belgaum

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On Sunday, HESCOM prepared a time table for power supply and now there will be a 7 hour power cut in city areas and about 10 hours in rural areas, the time table has been implemented since yesterday itself. Belgaum needs 120 MW but only 40 MW has been allocated to Belgaum so the need for the power cut, HESCOM said.

Load shedding schedule- the city will face seven hours power cut in the daytime. Following is the timetable of power cuts (restricted to city) — morning 10 to 1 pm and afternoon 2 to 6 pm, there will be no power supply.

To industrial areas — morning 6 to 10 am, afternoon 1 pm to 2 pm and evening 6 to 10 pm there will be no power supply.

A sigh of relief would be the availability of power from 6 pm to 10pm.

13 thoughts on “7 hour power cut in Belgaum”

  1. Why cant the people go on strike and demand a uninteruppeted power supply. Where are the ministers? Are they only for name sake. Catch hold of them. We pay so much of tax from our salary incomes. Where does the money go? Belgaumites dont sit quiet. “Awaz Uthao”. Toh kuch milega.

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  3. belgaum’s requirement is 120 MW per day and we r getting only 40 MW!this is ridiculous..we should at least get 60 MW

  4. what crap!!!..its things like this which will always keep me from coming back to india or belgaum for that in the us n intend to stay here for the rest of my life away from the mess back home!..n now plz dont tell me to come back n sort things myself..:peace…bdw good blog
    f u all u politicians

  5. Well Mr. Aditya though there might be black out in our city as well as country, we are 97 % safe here, not as in western countries where there are instances of racial discrimination n blah blah…Atleast in my country a common man respects one another?its majority of our countrymen who have made us what it is today?
    Now u keep thinking..

  6. Instead of blaming the politicians and the country see what anyone has given to our country?Well i totally do not say that politicians aren’t responsible but who are these politicians a part and aprcel of the citizens right?

    Check out how much of electricity & Energy you and me save? if one person in the country is able to save atleast 1 unit a day consolidate and see how much of electricity can be saved by 50% population of our country….

  7. Well MR.Sujay…common open ur eyes buddy!..look around racial discrimination????..look at people in belgaum for eg…Karnataka VS Marathi people!!…what can we worse??.people from different states fighting after each others blood?..Raj thackery vs north indians!…or also the worst kind!..north indians making fun of south indians sayin thay r drak ugly bla bla!!..what else do u want buddy?..

    i have been living here for sometime now and beleive me there is NO RACIAL Discrimination here IN THE US!this country has allowed me to become and achive something ONLY COS I HAD THE ABILITY AND TALENT!(not cos i was a lingyayat.MPS son or ne other crap).I agress,in australia these things r happening but its cos of sick indian mentality talkin in verncaluar lang,staring at white gals passing comments and its nOT NETHIN RACIAL.its the media which has made the whole thing racial!..

    EX belgaumite!

  8. Aditya

    tell me onething,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, if the mother who gave u birth is blind or handicapped then what do u do? u call any of your neighbour as your mother only because she is good looking and keeping well? or you try to take your mother to hospital to get het cured……….?

    think of my India, try do something, dont praise the temporory destination,……

    common dude, being educated dont talk silly..

    Jai Hind

  9. Mr. Aditya before moving to US I believe you were born and brought up and also Educated in Belgaum ? if not in Belgaum in any part of India?

    If yes ? the answer for what you are today is INDIA and people of INDIA..
    dost, give a second thought..

  10. aditya…r u Indian by birth???
    shame on people like u…India has made u wat u r today…though u stay in US it ws India where u were born…wat do u mean by ‘f u all politicians??’ i say f u….really…India is still a developing country coz of the people of ur mentality…. even if u decide to come back i dont think people like u should be welcomed here…stay there n enjoy…i know m very rude but that is what u deserve…

  11. Mr Aditya it pains me to inform you that r not only ill informed but also arrogant about ur half knowledge… US in a history of more then 350 years had the first black president… So much for the racial discrimination???? Secondly not a single women president…!! So do not ridicule the thing which you cannot comprehend.. Best of luck..


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