After 3 years BUDA makes change of land use

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Land in use for construction of KHB flats was reserved as open space for Parks

Permission was granted to KHB in 2006 to residential quarters for the employees of the Revenue Dept.

High court stopped work in November 2009

Work began only in February 2011 when VKS planning was being done

Notice for change of land use issued on July 7, 2011- three years after construction started

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“Kannon ke haath Lambe hote hain, magar Aankhe nahi hote” How true this is.

Six floor buildings was being constructed near the Jakerri Honda near the railway over bridge since 2008. But the civic authorities showed a blind eye towards the same.

The said RC No.219 measuring 2 acres and 10 gunthas was reserved for parks and open space. But in 2006 the district administration granted permission for building of residential quarters for employees of the revenue department.

On July 7, 2001 BUDA issued a notice to get any objections from the public for the change of land use of the said plot. It is said that the notice was published in some papers and was also pasted on the BUDA notice board.

If construction was started in 2008 and six storey buildings have already come up with the finishing work in progress how is it now that the BUDA wakes up to issue a notice for change of land use.

In 2009 the work was halted after the High court had issued an injunction on a writ petition filed by Ganesh J. Oulkar, seeking orders to restrain the Karnataka Housing Board, from constructing any residential quarters, building or apartment and changing the nature of the land at Jakkeri Honda.

Ganesh J. Oulkar, who filed the petition on June 27, he said that the KHB had taken up construction work on the open space marked for a park at Jakkeri Honda in violation of the Karnataka Parks (Protection) Act. Then Belgaum City Corporation, which is also a respondent, had not granted permission to the KHB to take up construction work on the open space.


Some questions that need to be answered:

Why has the BUDA woken up after 3 years?

If a common man had built on this land would the same be done?

Is this fair on part of the BUDA to issue a notice for Change of land use after the building has been constructed?

How was work re commenced during the VKS?[/box_light]

5 thoughts on “After 3 years BUDA makes change of land use”

  1. At last all hopes of saving the best water recharge of Belgaum City have come to an end.
    Congratulations BUDA,CORPORATION AND BJP for depriving us. Now provoke ground water recharge projects to scoop in to further funds and contaminate the excellent potable, ground water of the city too. Feeling proud of the non sustainable development of the city. Where has BELGAUM NEXT DISAPPEARED.

  2. The whole episode needs to be probed..
    Looks like the project was pushed my some officers & authorities of KHB with some vested interests.
    May be some of the bureaucrats of local civic bodies like CCB & BUDA were also involved..
    The assets of the officers, local corporator/MLA and the contractors related to this project should be probed.
    Is there any possibility of pressing LOKAYUKTHA to look into this matter..?

  3. Its Ok if they do it.
    Its NOT-Ok if ordinary citizens do it!!!

    How may pillars to post do citizens have to run to get they legitimate work done from these departments.

  4. The persons who had filed case on the building got plenty of money so the construction is started again this site belongs to central govt.


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