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Beautiful to ugly

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For so many years I was so proud to be the entrance gate to the beautiful city of Belgaum. You may come in from Mumbai or Bangalore, all of you saw me stand in the center and welcome each and every one.

For years and years I have smoked in the emissions of those state run buses and of course lately the two wheelers. I never complained that no one looks after me, but one day Indian Oil corporation thought of giving me a face lift and fountains were repaired, I was repainted and I was feeling like a dulhan. I would envy all the others as anybody coming to Belgaum would first look at me.

On every Republic Day, Independence day, Rajotsav day I was cleaned and painted, I used to feel fresh.

ashokcircle belgaum1
Ashok Circle then

But one morning in March, in view of the Vishwa Kannada Sammelana I was shocked to see a JCB machine in front of me, when I thought he must be here to dig the road again and I will have a tough time ahead.

I was just looking at the passersby and a few employees who were staring at me. I could not realize why are all looking at me in this fashion, I thought I am here for a makeover again and I overheard a police man on duty saying that my area would be decreased for the easy flow of traffic.

But I got a shock, I saw 4-5 big vehicles with G passing come near me and when the people got out from them they ordered the JCB to remove the Ashoka Pillar and keep it at a safe place.

I was shocked to hear this, I was known because of that pillar.

ashokcircle belgaum
Now I look so ugly

A crane came in from nowhere and pulled the pillar out and took it away. The JCB then broke all the fountains and brought in mud and filled me up and I was asphalted in no time and a pillar which looked robbed from somewhere was kept at my center with some filthy stones in a circular motion to give me a look of a circle.

From beautiful I was made to look ugly and I never understood as to why?

There were some protests after this happened and people who liked me said that I be restored as I was earlier. The administration also promised that but its May now but I am looking so ugly that I am ashamed to welcome each one to the city of Belgaum.

This is my story of ASHOK CIRCLE, near the fort lake, beautiful to ugly.



7 thoughts on “Beautiful to ugly”

  1. They have assured that they will put back the ashore pillar, I guess they are trying to remove the shop, which is being protected by some shady interests in catonement board. Plz pressurize atonement board to remove the shop, make the circle bigger, ease out heavy traffic and reinstate the ashore pillar

  2. Its pathetic, how did the district administration allowed this, some one need to file an RTI and find who is doing all this and with whose permission. if at all its for renovation what is the dead line date given for this.
    seeing the pillar without statue is like seeing a dead body without head.
    this news need to be followed up weekly to see if their is any progress on work happening or corrupt people took money and forgot

  3. Its all red tappism between Corporation & Cantonment. The Canteen situated on nearby land was to be demolished and Circle was to be shited there so that it has free way for vehicles coming from Busstand. The Cantonment didny allowed demolition of canteen. Later the matter was made worse by Bhim sena which cliamed to predecessors of ashoka Pillar. The pillar was brought from Vidhan Soudha. Several designs were submitted but Coprpoarion is still to finalise.

  4. it's all matter of publicity. be it Indian oil or Reliance . No wonder if Indian Oil Logo replaces Ashok Wheel of our National flag.


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