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Belagavi stands at 15 place in Smart cities list – 57.99% score

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City of Belagavi stood at 15th place and is now part of the first set of 20 smart cities in the country amongst 98 cities.
Belagavi scored 57.99% score 

What is the Smart city plan for Belagavi –

VISION FOR BELAGAVI “A livable, inclusive and vibrant Belagavi city, in which every citizen has adequate access to good quality of affordable and sustainable physical & social infrastructure, employment opportunities, in which cultural heritage and environment are protected and preserved through good governance and city management”

plan includes Area Based Development and Pan City solutions as listed below:

Area based development in a 10.78 sq.Km area is planed as below:

Retrofitting of the area with underground ducting for utilities

Skill development and employment generation in the manufacturing sector

Organization of informal sector – hawker zones, hawking spaces and eat streets

Decongesting traffic in the area

Improvement of Public Transport

Multi-Utilities Facilitation Centers (MUFC)

Public Convenience & Amenities

Development of Markets

Creation/improvement of parks &recreational spaces

Conservation & Preservation of Heritage Structure

Housing for the poor

Improvement of city’s waste water and sewerage system with Smart Metering

Solid Waste Management

Smart Metering

Pan City Proposal

Improving mobility with Intelligent Transportation Systems

E-Governance (Citizen Transaction Enablement).

Improving energy efficiency and utilizing renewable energy sources. (on PPP)

Water Supply, Sewerage and Solid Waste Management. (under Convergence)


24 x 7 water supply: To achieve uninterrupted water supply for the entire city as per international standards.

Uninterrupted & sustainable Power supply: Augmenting existing power with efficient renewable solar and wind energy with a view to providing uninterrupted and sustainable power supply.

Sewerage network & system: To achieve complete underground sewerage network and system with complete treatment and reusage for the entire city.

City Mobility: Improvement of overall Mobility for Belagavi city that includes dedicated bus lanes, Roads with integrated infrastructure , Pedestrian friendly footpaths, dedicated cycle tracks, decongestion of Inner City, dedicated Parking areas, Junction improvements and using Integrated & effective Traffic Management systems.

Improving civic facilities and amenities in the city through development of specific area level multi utilities civic service centers, aiming at significantly improving the standard of living.

Increasing the green cover of the City through development of large scale plantations/urban forestry in available open spaces, institutional campuses, Cantonment areas, foreshores of water bodies and avenue plantations.

E-Governance- Information & Communication Technology enabled & Integrated portal/platform with a Central Command Station for facilitating citizen services , ensuring safety and security, hassle free mobility and for providing transparent, Citizen friendly, effective & responsive governance.

Affordable housing: In view of priority requirements of this sector, facilitation of affordable housing for EWS and LIG in the city.

Enhancement of Employment opportunities: City has a potential engineering industries base as well as aerospace units, and is home to large number of textile power looms. It has a large number of educational Institutions & potential ITES growth. Imparting appropriate skill sets for youth through skill development centres there by emphasis would be to given to establish engineering ancillary units, encouragement of power loom sector along with Information Technology & Engineering Service industries to strengthen the city’s economy & bringing in more employment and livelihood opportunities.

Knowledge City : By ensuring adequate and quality infrastructure which acts as catalyst to promote city of Belagavi as Knowledge hub for imparting education in the field of Medicine, Technical, Management, Life sciences , City being already the seat of three Universities, Six medical institutions, many technical, management and other institutions. • Tourism development: Considering spatial location of Goa, by improving overall ambiance, Cultural and Heritage sites, promoting health tourism making Belagavi as a supplementary and preferred tourist destination.


North # Belagavi – Ramteerth Nagar,# Mal-Maruti Extension,# Shiv Basava Nagar

Central – # Kotekere, #Ashok Nagar Part # Fort ,# Central Bus Terminal

South #- Tilakwadi, Vaccine Depot, Rani Chennamma Nagar Part, # Shanti Nagar/ Maratha Colony/ Nanawadi.

Improvement Of All Roads, Network, And Junctions, Improvement Of Utilities And Amenities Like Water Supply, Sewerage, Sanitation And Solid Waste Management, Improvement Of Transportation Facilities And Mobility – Development Of Footpaths, Cycle Ways, Regulating Traffic And Para- Transit Facilities, Providing The Smart Solutions With Ict Components, It Connectivity, Safety And Security, Encourage Non-Motorized Transport And Provision For Walkways • Development Of Neighborhood Parks And Open Spaces • Development Of Major Heritage Park And Enhancing Greenery • Improvement Of Employment Facilities Through Flatted Factories Development, Skill Development Centers And It Incubation Centers & Informal Sector • Conservation & Preservation Of Central Area As Civic Center • Development Of Affordable Housing For Ews & Lig Segments • Facilitation Of Good Health And Education Facilities For Residents Of The Area

Carriageway improvement # Footpaths # Street Light # Street Furniture # Avenue Plantation # Lanes & Other Traffic Markings # Surface dressing/Pavement # Underground Utilities – Water, telecom, Drainage, Power , OFC # Non Motorized Transport : Cycle track # Facilities for physically challenged

Junction improvement

Geometric improvements # roundabout # manned / signalized # high mast lights # landscaping # surveillance equipment # traffic signage –

Vantamuri Cross, Dharamnath Circle, Ashoka Circle, Cbt Circle, Gogte Circle, Goaves Circle , Rpd Cross , Khanapur Junction (3rd Gate) ,Vantmuri Cross.


Proposed Locations

Between Railway Gate I & II

Railway Gate III – (NH 4a & Khanapur Road)

Old Pb Road 4 Kapileshwar Road – 144 Crores

UNDERPASS RANI CHANNAMMA CIRCLE (for pedestrian, Raichur Bachi Road) – 56 crore

FLYOVER Ashoka Circle (NH4 Junction to CBT via Raichur Bachi Road) – 129 Crores

Improving Improving Facilities and Services Through Multi Uti Facilities and Services Through Multi Utilities Com utilities Complexes (MUCS)




1st Gate Opp Kalamandir

Fort Road Cantonment


PUBLIC TOILETS ABD-Improvement of Public Improvement of Public Convenience Convenience & Amenities & Amenities • Providing Public Convenience and utilities in the ABD (2 in each ward) • Easily accessible for physically challenged people • High emphasis on cleanliness of the toilet units. • Roof top Solar Panels (Optional) • To ensure sustainability of operation and maintenance, operators are given the rights of advertisement which can be displayed around the units of public amenity.


KALA MANDIR Corporation



KALAMANDIR : Sector level Community Facility TOTAL EXTENT OF LAND – 7,800 sq.m (2.1Acres) PROPOSALS : G + 3 ACTIVITIES IN THE PREMISES • Multi Level Car Parking Lot (G-2) • Multimodal Parking stand (Auto & Cycle) • Shopping mall including Multiplex • Atrium • Branded Shops • Local shops • Family entertainment and Restaurants, Food court et c • Mini Auditorium cum Culture center • Other Community Facilities ESTIMATED PROJECT COST RS.53.41 Cr

DHARMANATH CIRCLE : Central level Community Facility



Formalization of street vending leading to better upkeep of the spaces, brings in vitality and vibrancy in the inner city and civic center area # 20-25 hawkers space in each of the proposed nine Multiutilities complexes # Total spaces created ~200

EAT STREET IN CENTRAL AREA # Stretch of 200 m on OLD PB road along Footpath towards Fort side # Stretch of 100 m along Kanbargi Road footpath towards Kotekere lake # Creating ~200 fast food outlets # Estimated Cost: Rs.3 Crores

MODERN BUS STATION : • Terminal building (G+1) • Dormitory • Local Convenience shop • Waiting cum seating lobby space • Rest room • Public Toilets • Accessible to differently challenged people

Improvement of Vaccine depot as heritage park

Exhibition ground at Mahanteshnagar exhibitions/circus/meeting ground/city maidan # extent: 9.15 acres

Conservation & Preservation Of Central Area Conservation & Preservation Of Central Area

Belagavi Fort 2 2. Kotekare Lake 3. Moat And Fort Area 4. Vegetable Market 5. Parking Plaza

ACTIVITIES in FORT PREMISES : 1. Military/Defence Theme Museum 2. Jogging Track 3. Heritage Conservation Of • Ramakrishna Ashram • Kamal Basti • Mosques: Safa Majid, Jamia Masjid 4. Afforestation And Block Plantation 5. Amphitheater (OAT) 6. Art And Craft Center (in Existing Building) 7. Banning Of Vehicular Movement Inside The Fort

37 thoughts on “Belagavi stands at 15 place in Smart cities list – 57.99% score”

  1. I hope they leave the vaccine depot area untouched.. sometimes, no development in certain parts works wonders. Nature will take care of that beautiful green area

    • Pankaj you are absolutely write, as the vaccine depot area has a good number of flora, biota along with the different species of Aves it’s good not to touch this area and rather plant more trees.

  2. It’s gr8 2 see bgm in d list, gov should make all New Railway station with double line track, so it make fast transportation in less time, New route between bgm-kolhapur- dharwad.

  3. Congratulations . Let Citizens come forward and keep contributing in decision making as well . Keep participating in Civic issues and amenities . Take initiative , make smaller groups , discuss and decide . This is our city and we should develop it better .

  4. After long time Belgaum people got great news. Finally we hope that new phase of development will get place. Really great achievement & deserved it.

  5. Very good news. Anything on paper we are world beaters..At the execution level we are worst…with some exceptions. I pray to God that it doesn’t happen with my city. Please ye smartcity ka project Paisa kamane ka jariya mat banao ke liye kuch to accha chod jaate hai bhai!

  6. Nice… to here Belgavi is selected for smart city, now we can see development.. Many IT & manufacturing companies need to make inroads & Estabilsh in Belgaum….Congrats ….

  7. Very Proud and happy news for belgaumites. Hope it will be free from corruptions and scams and Belgaum will emerge as one of the best City of our beloved India..:)

  8. Soon the FM radio needs to come belgaum this radio will keep projecting whats happening in belgaum all day long.
    Please bring up FM radio as soon as possible………………

  9. Gr8888888888 & Congrats for Our beautiful Belgaum,,,Its really a good sign for we Belgaumites.
    Hope we all as individuals take initiative & support the administration in a better way.
    Because its not all the job of the Authorities but the People living in the city contribute & build a “Real Smart City”.
    -> Keeping our City Clean & not throwing even chocolate wrappers here & there on the road except in dust bins.
    ->Following Lane discipline while driving.
    ->Switching off the street light infront of our home during daylight instead of waiting for the Electric dept to switch off
    -> Alarming the local Water authority if we find any leakage in water pipes.
    -> And the most important thing “Be Generous to everyone” irrespective of any caste or religion. So that if anyone visits our city they must feel proud, Safe & Secure.

  10. Very nice, also strict action has to be taken against people who throw waste other than in dust bins.. Even young people spit here-&-there.. Tear gutka packets & don’t even bother to throw in the nearby bins.. Maintenance should be at the top.. Entering the vehicles in no entry way.. Bribe is another crime.. All has to be under strict supervision.. Even public should develop themselves to be good and keep our city clean & neat!!

  11. It is very proud moments for all of us (Belgaumites!) To be part of such a great news which will make other cities envy Belgaum. It is hard work put in by all involved and lot of luck I suppose! Lets make a good use of it to show the country what a small city dwellers can make a difference! Lets do few small and possible acts to initiate the change. Few suggestions are as folows:
    Keep your surroundings clean and if some one is not doing the same, confront properly and make them aware.
    Be considerate and polite on roads
    Follow all mandatory rules espicially traffic rules.
    Save energy wherever possible.
    Help others, espicially weaker section.
    Respect women and elderly.

    There are many more simple steps which will make us better citizens and proud smart city dwellers.

    Proud belgaumite!


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