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Belgaum Air travelers face more tribulations: Fly to Bangalore only for 4 days in week



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After the closure of the AirDeccan Belgaum Mumbai Flight now the Kingfisher (earlier Air Deccan) Belgaum Bangalore flight, which was on a daily basis, will now fly on all days except Tuesdays.


Infact when I searched the http://www.flykingfisher.com website, to my surprise I got two different schedules. One in which there are flights on 6 days and one in which flights are there for 4 days.

http://www.flykingfisher.com/schedule.asp?tab=2 SEE view schedules it will show flight for 4 days; Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday.


On the same page when it opens, click the Excel Format on the top Right of the current frame and an Excel format file opens in which the flight is for 6 days.

The same website but offers two different timetables.


This is effective from 19-Nov-08 to 28-Mar-09. So, all those fliers need to re look at things if you had planned otherwise. In this very blog today only, I had quoted our CM BSY saying that the Belgaum Airport expansion was going on in full swing and I have to write in this, which is very bad. You are expanding the airport for what cars or busses to move.


I checked out booking a ticket and the 4-day schedule is correct I guess.

So this means the KF flight to Bangalore is now on for only 4 days; Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday.

Why are they doing it to us? Again, reason unknown may be they say load factor, may what it be but Belgaumites are here to suffer.



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