Belagavi gets a holy bath during VVIP visits

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by Sanjay Deshpande

Belagavi is a popular place to hang out for a day or two for many frequent visitors, especially from Goa, Pune and Mumbai. Compared to the metros, it’s a tiny city, but with a flavour of mixed culture now.

The resident industrialists in 50’s and 60’s dreamt about making this an industrial city, but somehow, presently this place has become a great educational hub.

Many newly sprung colleges catering various courses has led to increase in the population of the city to great extent. As a result, the civic infrastructure has some how had to be geared up to cope up with conditions, but as we all can see, it has been failing to do so.


The occasion of assembly session, city corporation took all efforts to clean and asphalt all the roads covering the pot holes overnight. All main roads, not only were swept, but washed thoroughly through corners and corners with the power water pumps. Dividers were painted all the reflecting driving signs were cleaned. All the heaps of garbage lying around each corners of the roads were cleaned up in a best manner.

It so felt that this beautiful city took a “holy bath” after long long time! The point is, Why all this? only because of the VIPs are visiting the town? Isn’t it the duty of the city corporation to maintain such cleanliness all the year round?

The citizens don’t need cleanliness but only politicians need?

I am aware, that corporation takes all the actions immediately after making a complaint. If we call the hot line of the city corporation for any complaints, they care to take the note of it for sure. but Why should this happen any way? Why should the system give a chance to complain?

It has a become a habit of the governance on every level, that it won’t act unless you complain. The local corporators and the local area sanitary inspectors lack the basic interest about cleanliness. Someone has to energize all these people with the spirit that NOT only my house, but this whole city belongs to me, and we all must keep it clean all the time!

Sanjay Deshpande is a noted and versatile sitar player who is known for presenting a variety of music forms on his Sanjaykhani Sitar. 

9 thoughts on “Belagavi gets a holy bath during VVIP visits”

  1. We need to hold two sessions per year atleast so that every SIX MONTHS, the city gets a face lift. It is shameful on the part of the concerned authorities to eyewash the politicians with such temporary make over. This type of action benefits the politicians, official men/machinery and contractors. The common man suffers.

  2. Digging the road divider, execpt the top all the sides of the divider are hidden, top is painted white, this is the condition of Tilakwadi main road parallel to Rail Track. Do you people think its facelift? Is this paint work for the people like you and me, or for these temperory visitors? Fake Fake Fake

  3. What have citizens done?Dont blame the safai walas or pour karmiks or sanitory inspectors or Corporation or PWD officials.Today I took the Union Gymkhana Road while entering College Road from Vengurla Road.On both sides of the road garbage was littered as though it was a dumping yard.Is it not the responcibility of citizens at least to put in less than 60micron bags and dump at one place so that BMC safai wala or the kachra contract vehicle collect it.

  4. Hey Guys, no need to blame except VIPs , they just come for 2 to 4 hours so they should understand that all doing for sake, should be given instruction to City DO NOT WASTE MONEY for some couple of hours.

  5. When the VIPs visit the city, residents should make it a point to take their garbage/trash and dump it near the Survarna Vidhana Soudha as well as the hotels where the VIPs are put up. Better still, throw it at the VIPs as they are passing by….

    Dont we all pay our taxes (Ghar Patti)…then why should we not expect basic services in return?


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