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Belgaum has THREE multi level car park projects

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A city which is reeling under a serious parking issue, we just found out that the State under the Public Private partnerships has planned THREE different multi level car parking for the city.

All the three planned are in the main city area:

One at current car parking at Bapat Galli (Ramdev Galli)

Second one is proposed at Sardar Ground

Third is proposed at Khanjar Galli.


All the three are at a Pre-feasibility stage and all are planned to be Mechanised and Multi-storey Parking facilities.

Multi-level car parking at Bapat Galli (Ramdev Galli) -Belgaum is estimated to cost Rs. 3.36 crore and recently the Corporation had floated a EOI for the same.

However the second and third were a surprise for us as well.

Multi-level car parking at Sardar Ground-Belgaum is estimated to cost Rs.9.6 crore

Multi-level car parking at Khanjar Galli-Belgaum Multi-level car parking at Laxmi Parking near Khanjar Galli at Belgaum is estimated to cost Rs.3.36 Crore.


Bapat Galli Car Parking

There is really nothing to cheer about in the near future as all three are in just Pre-feasibility stage.


4 thoughts on “Belgaum has THREE multi level car park projects”

  1. This was proposed in 2008 – 2009 if my memory serves me right
    So unless if any politician has his property near by or he/she benefits these projects will remain proposed!

  2. For Belgaum it’s just start… it’s happening over all major cities.. don’t know is there any justification in dumping privileged private cars (purchased through loans) from car manufacturing plant to govt parking yard (built with common public money)..! Why we don’t have cap for number cars per city (something like Singapore)..?


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