Belgaum on a road widening spree


Belgaum has never seen this kind of a road widening spree in its history. The last time the road widening was done on such a scale must have been the Congress road widening many years back.

At this moment there are 5 roads being planned to be widened.

RPD college road to Patwardhan layout (under 100 crore special grant)

Mahatma Fule road to Old PB road (under 100 crore special grant)

APMC road (under 100 crore special grant)

Khanapur Road (Sanchayani circle to Suryakant Park) (Cantonment Board)

Govaves to 3rd Gate (PWD)

Old PB road upto bus stand

Work at RPD college road to Patwardhan layout has not begun still and matter is in court.

Mahatma Fule road to Old PB road work has begun. A school building is being demolished which was at the corner of Fule road and Khade Bazar. The school has been shifted to Shastri Nagar. The JCB has been used to dig the mud out on the road till the Managal karlaya. This road will be a link road to the NH4 and will join the Old PB road.mfule

Yesterday APMC road was surveyed and markings made for its widening as well. But some residents opposed the manner in which the survey and markings were done. Residents said that the marking was done in a wrong manner which was suitable to the big fishes.

Khanapur Road (Sanchayani circle to Suryakant Park) – work has not begun still but there are chances it will in the near future. As this comes under the Cantonment, it might just take a while before it starts.

PWD department has done a survey of the Govaves to 3rd gate for widening of the said road. The 2 km stretch will be widened in days to come.

The old PB road (Dharwad Road) is also being widened to 60 feet. The work is in progress on this road as well. But the major demand for a railway over bridge has not been heeded to, only the road will be widened.

The corporation commissioner also visited Pangul Galli yesterday and met the locals with the local representatives for the proposed road widening. The present road is 18 to 30 feet wide which according to map should be 40 feet. Commissioner said that if all the locals gave their consent they can go ahead with the road widening.


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  1. If only the Babus have brains to make a straight 4 lane road to Goa from Belagavi from Military hospital with a few tunnels it will cut travel time to about an hour against about 3.5 hrs now

  2. Hope the widening of the road beautifies BELGAUM with minimum of hardships to the persons & families who are bearing the burnt of the widening. Wishing you all the best BELGAUM.

  3. They should plant new trees when they cut the old ones……
    But they are nt bothered at all……
    What kind of development is this?

  4. Belgaum – the roads may be improving, what about its drivers? One needs to be a mind reader to anticipate 2 wheels, cows, stupid pedestrians and not forgetting those who have no idea how to drive.

    The Karnataka portion of the Belgaum-Goa route via Anmod is a pothole with bits of tar thrown in.
    One has to travel via Sawantwadi if you have any concern for your vehicle and its occupants. The moment you enter Goa the car smiles.
    What can the public do about this? Clearly the public servants do not give a toss about the Janta.

  5. I am a bangalorean and my family settled in belguam for last 3-4 months. I used to visit belguam once in a month. First time when i entered this city in last august, really surprised about the developments. Like bangalore this city is very cool and clean. I request the authorities and also people of belguam to maintain such standards always.

  6. What I beleive is Belgaum has the charm of greenary , same should be maintianed along with development, I believe Ananya have the right comment for scourching heat in Dec, but The corporation can take up plating of tress along with pavemnts at open areas, and put dividers with low level green scapes, and The old Dharwad rd from Bus stand to NH4 junction should be with divider as well ,

    The corporation should also make an effort to move the fort vegi market and develop green scape along the fort the private bustand is encrohed by bus operators, there should be some standard shed for them too, but they should park the vehicals some whare away from main city

  7. Great news, corporation guys, but maintain some standards like striping, concreting the edges, reflector lights on the roads, and never let the soil to be scattered across the whole roads.. All the best CCB and thank u Uday for the news. You always rock!!!

  8. My request is that they make the better road and parking. Same tune they are singing for the past decade, in the name of development, they have cut the trees lining both sides of road from Goaves to 3rd Gate. Now we are going under the sweltering sun even in december. This is great development


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