CBT to be shifted to City bus stand

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The citizens of Belagavi have always yearned for a better bus terminus for years. The project was shown in 2007 but nothing has really changed on the ground.

Temporary new CBT at Belagavi
Temporary new CBT at Belagavi
Temporary new CBT at Belagavi
Temporary new CBT at Belagavi

But now things are changing for the good. The current City Bus Terminal (CBT) is expected to be shifted to the premises of Central Bus Stand (CBS) in about a months time which is just opposite the current CBT. The shuffling of the bus depots is expected to ease some traffic on that stretch and also make the commuters get better facilities, as now a major portion of the time is spent by a bus trying to navigate out of the bus stand to its destination.

After the shuffling of the bus depot is done, all the buildings at the CBT will be demolished and a new 3 storeyed building would come up with new platforms and other aminities.

Currently new shed have been constructed at the City bus depot which would become as departure platforms to various towns.

The authorities said that already 5 different plans of the building has been submitted by Mahindra and Mahindra.

The cost of the entire project is around Rs.40 crores, which also includes the shuffling of the bus depots.

Also the new bus Arrivals which are expected to arrive in the new financial year about 60 new buses under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) scheme would operate soon. Initially Belagavi was alloted 50 buses and 10 AC buses but now all 60 Non Ac buses would be alloted as per the request of the authorities it is learned.

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  1. Well this had to happen long time ago. But for some reasons it always went on postponing. Any way good happening at least late than never. People should get benefited.

    • Yes of course, like they have satellite bus terminus in Bengaluru, same should be implemented here. Buses going to Goa, Karwar, Mangalore should start from south station.

      There should be shuttle service between two (or more) stations.


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