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Century old over bridge near Maratha Mandir to be closed from Sept 21

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Tarun Bharat has made a story stating that the century old Over bridge which starts from Gogte Circle and ends at Maratha Mandir will be closed for all kinds of traffic from September 21 and the demolition work will begin after which the new 4 lane bridge would be built.

As the RoB would be closed all kinds of traffic the entire traffic will have to go via Congress road. Citizens going to Vadgaon, Hindwadi, Shahpur and that side will have to make use of Congress road and turn at Railway gate No.1 or 2.

rob-belagavi-britishThe entire stretch of Khanapur road from Maratha Mandir would be blocked.

Name of work: Londa-Miraj section – Construction of ROB 2 x 36.00m bow string girder for railway span and approach with RE panel/Retaining wall for 4 line traffic and dismantling existing ROB No.126A at Km. 610/000-610/100 at Belagavi station yard and providing Superstructure 1 x 24.00m composite girder for two lane traffic at bridge No.2 (ROB)at Km:560/300-400 near Londa station. Duly dismantling in Existing Bridge 2 (ROB)
Value of work :  Rs. 14,36,41,973/-
Completion period : 18 months
Contract Awarded to M/s KRISHI INFRATECH


Some points to Ponder upon by the Civic authorities:

The Congress road is in a dilapidated state and when all the traffic is diverted as there is not other alternative, the road will from worse to worst.

So the Congress road needs to repaired before the the said RoB work can commence otherwise it will be a chaotic mess.

The Police will have to be placed round the clock at First, second and third gate and when the gate is blocked for the trains to pass be sure to have long Traffic snarls.

Currently the Corporation is spending about 98 lakhs to put new pavers on the side of Congress road but no one is eager to get the road repaired, even when sources have said that the contract for relaying Congress road has been passed.

rob-stationThe time duration required for the RoB to complete is 18 months, so even if we assume all goes on time, the next 18 months all the traffic will be diverted from Congress road, so for the next 18 months relaying the said road would cause more traffic jams, so the authorities on priority will have to look into this and get the same repaired.

But we as all know, this is Government work, and the left hand does not know what the right is doing, and hence lack of co-ordination between the authorities will make the life of the commuters miserable.

Each city needs development and the new RoB when done will be very helpful but until then be prepared to experience some great Traffic on Congress road.

17 thoughts on “Century old over bridge near Maratha Mandir to be closed from Sept 21”

  1. Keep the old one it is a part of Belagavi’s history! Realign the new 4 laner! Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Belagavi folks this a wake up call. Please guys its no big deal for the highway’s dept to do that.

  2. Administration need to make a drill by closing for a a day or two and take a call on Traffic . Its going to be a serious issue as the newly built ROB is useless for the traffic and the PB Road is also under construction .In this situvation if this ROB is also taken up now only God can save us from this undisciplined traffic .

  3. Before diverting traffic to Congress road. Make ready of Congress road. Too worst condition as of now. If all traffic diverts to Congress road then it would be even more worst.

  4. Why govt is not constructing flyover bridges at all railway gates . Due this problem traffic is waisting valuable time of Belgavkars

  5. The Congress road is one of the worst roads in Belgaum and if the existing traffic is diverted on this road, then only God can save the vehicle drivers.This road is intentionally kept worst in spite of repeated public complaints, for the reasons best known to the concerned authorities.Before diverting the traffic, the congress road should be built strong enough to take load of additional traffic.

  6. 1st of all if you are from mahadwar road then you have to take a long route from Patil galli and the roads of Congress road are pathetic and disgusting…. India the worst country with so much money going nowhere and there no proper infrastructure and quality when it comes to buildings, roads, stress and most important the mediocre brains of citizens. Modi called for smart cities and belagavi was one amongst it. Now if you see that bridge there are spits and poster marks on it. Can’t even call it a 3rd class bridge coz it’s in face of our Hindu temple (kapileshwar) there things to say but no one to listen. Even if 2050 year comes we won’t improve.

  7. To all concerned body. Please take care of trees. Cutting tree is very easy but to see big trees like now will become dream.

  8. Can new bridge will be as strong as Old Bridge constructed by Britishers..??

    Kindly construct your new bridge parallel to old one, and see which one will collapse first, and obviously it’s your new bridge(so called strong) will collapse first..!!

    As we all saw the quality of new bridge near Kapileshwar Temple, the side barricades of that bridge will dance up-down if u see while traveling,

    Dear sir,
    Plz do development and challenge rest of the developments, And dont ask % from the contractor.
    Don’t cut the trees, save trees save ur future..

  9. At Last the administration has opened eyes to this call, many times I had posted about the Railway Over Bridge but may be it had fallen on DEAF EARS,it’s late then never. You can keep the old bridge and construct a parallel bridge, completely stop the heavy vehicles, allow only light vehicles and two and three wheeler only impose fine for the violeters, this may ease the traffic on congress road.

  10. KEEP the OLD bridge as a HISTORICAL landmark and it can be used as a walk way & only for bicycles.

    Construct the NEW bridge parallel to the OLD bridge along the side.

    We have to KEEP and maintain all the HISTORICAL LANDMARKS in Belgaum e.g. Library in Ganapat Galli.


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