Civil Engineering Students submit project report on Outer Ring Road for Belgaum City

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Four students from Belgaum’s Angadi Institute of Technology & Management namely Durgesh Kamat, Kunal Sambrekar, Mahantesh Yaraganavi and Vishal Patil have prepared a Project Report on Outer Ring Road for Belgaum City and submitted it to DC N Jayram.

The students have been working on the first phase of the outer ring road that stretches for a distance of 19.35 km and starts from Kakti and passes through Goundwad, Kangrali, Hindalga, Savgaon, Mandoli and Piranwadi. The students have been working on the project for last 4 months and have come up with the report consisting of Earthwork Calculations, Highway Design, Land Acquisition Schedule and Environmental Impact Assessment.ringroad_aitm

The total project cost is estimated to be 200Crore INR for the first phase of the outer ring road and about 140 acre of land will have to be acquired. The ring road shall be 4 lane divided carriage way with a width of 30mtr.

The outer ring road for will significantly reduce the traffic congestion inside the city by diverting the traffic flow along the outer ring road. And also expand the city horizons there by bringing the rural surroundings of Belgaum near to the city. “As the city is growing rapidly there is very less scope for road expansion in the inner parts of the city and with growing traffic an outer ring road would be inevitable” said the students.ringroad_aitm1

The phase 2 of the outer ring road shall stretch from Kakti, Mutennati, Kanbargi, Pethshapur, and Piranwadi. The total length of ring road shall be 43 km. On completion of both phases 1 and 2 the traffic problems in the city will have significantly dropped down and there would be economic growth with the existence of the new localities.

We are incredibly thankful to everyone who helped us, our guide Vijay Kumbar, officers of Public Works Department and Belgaum Urban Development Authority. As civil engineers we wanted to do a project which would be helpful for the society at large and solves some of the basic issues prevailing for the city right now. We are looking forward to working on Phase 2 of the ring road if there is an opportunity”, said the students.

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  1. The construction company wants to make a feasibility study of a proposed ring road near your city. It hires civil engineer for this purpose. The engineer learns that the project would have a very negative impact in term of pollution, economy, and lives of low income rural population. The engineer had no intention of divulge the information during public hearing. What should be engineer as advises to do?………..

    Get me solution for this question. Please

  2. I have been assignment to analyse the feasibility report of the Ring Road.
    Kindly tell about other options which you have considered as and alternative to ring road.

  3. The project is very good but why that not connectivity from kakati to Kadoli any specific reason please explain


  4. crap!!!
    Halga-Mache is the best plan to reach PB road, Hyderabad, pune and Bangalore. this plan is best if Belgaum becomes Metro like Bangalore. Now? its waste.

  5. there is already project of constructing halga zadshapur khanapur and towards goa a 4 lane highway, i think all the unwanted traffic coming from goa going towards kolhapur can take this road so that they can avoid belgaum, i think zadshapur to kakati via halga may increase distance of just above 12 km compared to the 1phase of the angadi students , i dont think its good to spend 200crs for for a shortcut , may be they want a 4lane highway next to their collage

  6. Dear Kunal Sambrekar,

    I appreciate for the project you have done. I can see you are more keen on thanking people here, Readers would definelty appreciate if you can answer Mr Sunil who has raised some concerns about the plan.wherein i too have the same concerns As i see there is no connectivity for the people who wants to go out of city and join ring road for example PB road etc. or vice verca for the same.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Prashant Belgaonkar

    • respected prashant sir… the article published here is just 0.001 percent of the project report we have submitted. and as per as the ring road is concern.. the whole concept itself is dependent on the idea of connecting it with already existing roads and future roads which are been proposed.. the phase 1 covered in our report is half of the ring road..and about Mr sunil’s comment,,, we dint find it necessary to answer him as he kept a big question mark on our work saying we did it just to help our institution .. which is so untrue.. this is not the first time we are working something for the society… you can view last years ie 14th jan 2012 news papers. we had come up with the water quality survey report of various villages in belgaum, and Sir.Suresh angadi has debated on that issue in the parliament of India. as criticism is the part of life we would not mind people calling it a publicity stunt or anything..and we do like thanking our well wishers.

      thanking you
      kunal sambrekar

      • Dear Kunal,

        Strangely there is a huge similarity between your project and a feasibility report on ringroad submitted by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Ltd last April

  7. A project to finish their degree is gr8, But why is Kolhapur road to Goa road a priority and not the Bangalore to Goa road. I’m confused so as to why is the ring road starting from Kakati and not the existing bauxite road upgraded or a road from the old P.B.ROAD. Where in the NH4 already exists, there by reducing the cost. The one above is an alternative to help general society lesser than Angadi society and the land Mafia to disturb the existing cantonment and then complain or open a new budget to shift the Cantonment away from the city.

  8. Well done my dear student engineers. This is making us proud. The name of our college is spreading by doing society relevant projects which will help the society.

    Once again well done.

    • Thanks a lot sir. And we are proud to be in the college which supports us in all possible ways.doing something for the society is the lesson given to everyone of us by our respected chairman.. We are just trying to give back a small thing

  9. nice. good job & keep going on. One more thing look into inter connectivity road to outer ring road & also check feasibility study of flyover at railway station circle,now its to narrow. really highly appreciated.


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