Congress Road in bad shape

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IMG 2647 The Congress Road from Gogte Circle to Nanawadi Cross is in very bad shape. This part of the road is under the Cantonment for maintainece and nothing has been except for filling the potholes with bolders and mud.  There are many such roads in town,I happened to get you this one.


IMG 2648

See the small stones and gathered on the side of the road, best way to skid your vehicle





IMG 2649

Congress Road Military Mahadev Junction. This particular spot was highlighted on this blog last year also, see here





IMG 2650

Congress Road, Near Military Mahadev







IMG 2652

Loose stones and mud gathered on the side of the road ( next to Military Mahadev) Best place to skid.







IMG 2653

Gogte Circle, This pothole is in the center of the road if you are coming in from Congress road towards Gogte Circle.

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