Dream into Reality by Pyaas Foundation Prabhu nagar Lake full to its brim

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In the scorching summers with water scarcity everywhere, about two months ago PYAAS Foundation embarked on a journey to build a lake. A group of people who would not be able to build a room got together to make a resource to support an entire village , this started our journey for the Prabhu nagar lake and now this 15 Gunthas 40 feet deep lake is full to its brim. Work was commenced on May 1, 2016.

prabhunagar-lake pyaas foundation
The Prabhu Nagar Lake in Khanapur Taluka

It all began when the Pyaas foundation team was at Prabhu nagar to supply drinking water as all the sources of water had dried up. There one elderly man told the team member that there was once a lake here where he used to play and swim in his younger days. But over the years the lake was filled up with silt. This was an opportunity for Pyaas foundation which states its long term goal as self sufficiency in water supply for the villages. The dead lake, which can only be recognized to be a lake by the villagers and no one else.

Immediately a JCB was swung into action even with very meager resources and the work was completed with the overlooking of a dedicated team from Pyaas Foundation who visited the site day and night and saw that the work was complete.

Speaking to AAB Dr.Madhav Prabhu president of Pyaas Foundation said, “It gives me a great feeling to see water filled in the lake and our efforts have paid up. The entire team of Pyaas needs to thanked for their contribution for making this dream come into a reality.”

Lake at Prabhu Nagar
Dead Lake at Prabhu Nagar 

Lake at Prabhu Nagar

Digging work in May end

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  1. my hearthy congratulations to mr prabhu and his entire dedicate selfless pyass foundation team you have contributed a big deal to nature by your selfless effort . planting of fruit bearing tress will be an big assest for this lake for birds to nest and rest .


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