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No power for three hours

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A new schedule of load shedding has been released by HESCOM and now there will be a THREE hours of power cuts in the city which would include Two hours in the day and one hour in the evenings.

This is expected to be until February.

The city needs 140 to 150 MW where as currently it is getting about 80 to 90 MW.

This time the power cuts will be even after 9 pm upto 11pm in some areas.

Old Belgaum, Hosur,6 am to 8am
9 pm to 10pm
Shivaji Nagar, Civil Hospital, Hindwadi, Vidya Naar, RT Nagar, Fort Rd8am to 10 am
6pm to 7pm
Cantonment, Hindwadi, Shahpur,Vidya Nagar,Adarsh Nagar, Vadgaon, Ashok Iron,Guruprasad colony,Mazgaon6 am to 8am
6pm to 7pm
Auto Nagar, Shivbasav Nagar, Mahantesh Nagar, Tilakwadi, Shahpur, Guru Prasad Nagar4pm to 6pm
10 pm to 11pm
Sadashiv Nagar, Shetty Galli, Cantonment, Bhagya Nagar,10 to 12 pm
7 pm to 8 pm
Vaibhav Nagar, Azad Nagar, Khade Bazar, Patil Galli,Adarsh Nagar12 to 2pm
8 pm to 9 pm
MM extn, Dharwad Road, Maruti Galli, City, Hanuman Nagar2 pm to 4pm
9 pm to 10pm

4 thoughts on “No power for three hours”

  1. use electricity when reqd, switch off the fans and lights when not in use….organize urself and do ur job till there is daylight to avoid switching on lots of tubelights, television together instead of seperately..and many more to think of…this way we ourselves can reduce the cut-outs

  2. Dear Sir,
    If u cut the powersupply 4 hours how to survive already there is so much of slack in bussiness
    dont allow to use the power in any public functions, i saw there is no use of current in that places.


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