Glass house at Hanuman Nagar


love dale belagavi

The BUDA has floated a tender to build a Glass house near Hanuman Temple at Hanuman Nagar.

Rs. 24,66,805 would be the cost of the same and would be completed within 3 months from the date of issue of work order. The past date for submission is 12-12-2012.


Feroz Sait MLA Belgaum North has allocated Rs.15 lakhs from his MLA development fund towards the project the balance has been allocated by the BUDA.

Trinity Belagavi
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  1. glass house? why not build another vidhan soudha itself! this is total waste of public money! what about the important issues?? why is no money being spent for such things? because no one is going to notice who spent for schools and roads?? and shame on the people who feel that this is a good development! 🙁


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