Is this toll collection or extortion

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The Cantonment has begun the toll collection named by them as “license fees” for commercial vehicles entering Cantonment area.

See this photo taken on Congress road.


Some questions the Cantonment should answer-

Who gave them permission to collect this toll in Corporation limits? The truck in the photo is in Corporation limits and these people have no right to stop vehicles here.

Who gave them permission to stop vehicles without any boards?

A couple of people with sticks (AABs editor has seen this) stand in the middle of the road to block the trucks to collect the toll.

In India KEEP LEFT is the rule. So in this case traffic should be blocked on LEFT hand side.
Why should we be forced to overtake from the RIGHT? which is wrong
By the manner in which the traffic is blocked is gain dangerous and there will be instances of vehicles hitting each other.
What permission do these folks have to block the traffic on the road in this manner?
If law exists in this land then this should be stopped and the Traffic police should see that they do this where there is sufficient space.

Another problem is they are collecting toll each time the vehicle passes so one will need to pay toll each time, this is not correct.

Also it was seen a few trucks were left off without collecting toll why is this?

This is is just one example of whats happening on Congress road, on other 3 locations also same things are happening.

A few questions to the Police who maintain law and order in the city-

Did they take permission from you to block traffic in tr his fashion? If we have to take out a procession of 50 people we need permission from the Police, have you given in this case.

Will you book cases against the toll collectors for blocking traffic?

One question also to the elected representatives –

Isn’t it your duty to see that such acts are hampering the movement of the people or is it that you will only come to the citizens once in Five Years. We have learned that Belgaum Rural MLA Sanjay Patil has met Chief secretary Karnataka and told him about this.

See at Kolhaput where the IRB planned to start toll and the entire city came out on roads and said no to toll until all the roads are 100% complete.

Belgaum wake up this is just the beginning of the TOLL MAFIA in the city.

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  1. This truck is on congress road,it comes under corporation limits.Contonment board does not have any right to collect toll here.This must be protested

  2. This is quite strange you have to pay toll to travel or transport goods with your city. one can understand the business behind toll on highways or state tax but this one by cantonment board is ridiculous. will the people living in cantonment areas pay toll when they are entering the corporation limits as they are using corporation road and facilities of corporation. Where are our elected corporators

  3. Guirella tactics of toll collection.

    So basically the procedure is …

    Hide behind trees.
    Watchout for vehicles with Yellow Number Plates.
    Let it come near you.
    Jump infront of it with both your hand waving.
    Demand money and get it.

    Repeat day and night.

  4. AAB team,
    Has anyone from your team forwarded these or any questions to the Cantonment or Police..? If Yes, what answers did you recieve?

  5. Now at Mahadev Mandir these toll collection agents are armed with wistles and sticks. They now blow wistles and swing sticks.

    So indescent.

  6. Yesterday, the Toll people stopped few vehicles, Arogya Milk van, 1 Truck with Sand on Congress road and the conversation went for about 10 minutes and due to which traffic was jammed for more than 15 minutes between 6.00 to 6.20 pm. They are creating ACCIDENT ZONE on Congress Road( From Military Mahadev till Arun Talkies). Either Tilakwadi Police or Camp Police should look into the matter immediately.

  7. Royalty free suggestions for them to put Toll Sign Boards at the newly created accident zones.

    1. Slow down, because we have to collect money from you.
    2. You do not matter to us. Your wallet does. Please bring it safely.
    3. Safety of your wallet is of prime importance to us.
    4. You are free to go to heaven. But that does not cover this toll fee.
    5. Phir milenge. For who else will pay us.


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