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Kanbargi lake will get a make over under smart city

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The Kanbargi Lake which is spread over 7 acres will get a makeover under the Smart city project. The complete makeover of this lake will make it another tourist attraction apart from the fort lake.

Estimated cost for the makeover is Rs.4,28,30,933.82 and duration required for the same is 9 months. This is the 8 work tender floated under smart city project.

Photo courtesy: Kamalakar Anthati


However the actual work would only commence in 2018. The first work would be the weirs at the Vaccine depot and work will commence in actual only from Jan 2018.

What we understand is that the lake would be beautified from all sides and one side it will have walking paths, even Ghats with rallying similar to big rivers and the slopes would be adorned by beautiful flowers.

There will benches all along, flower beds, big trees, Kids play area, open Gym area, few Kiosks, an amphitheater with a permanent stage and steps for spectators. On the other side of the lake where the width is small stepped seating will also be arranged.

Several Hexagonal (3) and octagonal(2) gazebos( pavilion structure) will be installed all over the lake.

The lake will have 28 benches, 2 water kiosks, green lawns all over.


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