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Khanapur Road in a worst condition

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The Khanapur road was widened in March 2011 in a hurry with work being done even at night, and now one get the feel of the work when one has to bounce away in the huge pot holes on the road.

The entire road is in a bad condition but the worst part is near the Police Lines (petrol bunk) where there is no sign of a road now and only mega size pot holes are seen.khanapur rd pothole

You can dodge any pot hole as there are so many of them, you will have to take a dip one or two just in case you are able to avoid a few.

The Cantonment had dug that road to lay water pipe, which has caused more damage and hardships on the entire width of the road.

Worst part being the Cantonment is not even ready to fill the pot holes with mud.khanapur road pothole1

There was a time when citizens used to take a diversion into the Camp area to avoid traffic on Khanapur road, but the roads in Camp area are also dug up for laying water pipes. Hence maximum traffic is now on this road and the condition of the road is very bad.

Hope the Cantonment looks into this and repairs the same.

Photos: Prasad

5 thoughts on “Khanapur Road in a worst condition”

  1. Very nice road !!! poor contractor with huge house and gold car /s etc etc and honest to the core Govt.thank you very much for giving such poty putti roads in Belgaum,please do not waste money any more keep the same as a model ROAD for others to follow.

  2. What can anyone do? We all are in our livelihood, we need to earn our bread.. Who's gonna care about this "ARTICLE" or the previous ones? We still live and accept it, we may care for a time, speak yell and then its gone…. next article comes up. whats the whole point???? Does this have any impact on the administration? does anything change? no.. we just tend to forget old issues just coz new issues are surprising, Do we all citizens really work on it? or just blog and comment or tend to live on as it is…!!!!

    • I agree with you robbie, does government management even sometime bother to even see into this issues or just we are commenting here, we should make this to happen by giving an application or notice we shall form a citizen forum, or if existing any should make them reach the concerned dept. who are always sleeping unless somebody wake them up with 2000W music along with cold water purned into there Alishan beds in their alishan homes

  3. Well these kind of issues need to be taken care of by a robust system. Like the payment should be done in instalments, should have bank guaranty, may be compulsory insurance (so that the insuring agency will ensure that good quality job is done, otherwise he has to bear the losses).

    The construction quality of NH4 from Belgaum to Kolhapur is very good & this job was done by Punj Llyod so other way is to ensure that the contractor is a reputed & capable one. After all these options then we can do the post-mortem through RTI, Civic Society etc. Well it is always good to see that systems are designed & followed in such a way that the common man does not suffer & we are not forced to use RTI etc as he is more bothered to earn his bread & butter (what is that?).


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