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Khanapur road will be widened to 120 feet


Khanapur road from Govaves to 3rd gate will be widened to 120 feet. The PWD has surveyed the area and made markings on the buildings on the road. The said road will be built under the special grant from the CM of Rs.9 odd crores.

The said road after completion will have dividers.


The road from Fish market (near old age home) till Zad Shahapur comes under the PWD as a part of the NH 4A . The initial plan was to widen the road till Udyambag at least. But now PWD is only widening the 2 km stretch until 3 rd gate.

With this survey the shop owners at RPD corner are in a fix and many will lose their livelihood as the RPD college road is also planned to be widened.



  1. sir,i want an information about khanapur city TMC limits, how much feet far from highway should we start our construction?

  2. the 3rd gate junction is an important issue..since there are no signals or cops monitoring dat junction…a huge traffic jam occurs…vehicles get stuck up n ppl who want to join the congress road from da khanapur road are not able to do dat as the vehicles heading to da big bazar side block the junction.. i would request allabout belgaum to cover dis matter in the news too..thanku..

  3. Road widening from Goa weys to 3rd gate good news
    Highway project Goa belgaum good news
    Belgaum to Khanapur 4 lane good news
    Khanpur to Ram nagaer only two lanes ( bad news) ( Why not four laning till Ramnagar )
    Ramnagar to Goa again four lane good news
    Road widening belgaum chorla Goa good news but not 16 mtr from curretn 5 mtr as planned earlier
    now dont know how broad it will be but sure not like express highway
    Above details are from Tender documents published in news papers

  4. A Traffic Signal is badly required at the T junction opposite Globe Theatre for vehicles coming from Railway Station side and going towards Post Office/Amba Bhavan/St. Mary’s High School/Shani Temple/Fort etc. This may not be needed if the road from Railway Station to Amba Bhavan is opened to public.

  5. Ideally if road widening is done pavements should be part of the project by default (ex: we can see from KLE university to Civil hospital road). But most of the contractors skip this & authorities turn a blind eye.
    I guess their are/should be some guide lines for the contractors when they are assigned some projects.

  6. Good news , but can you clarify few things
    Will cantonment taking up widening from Dh Sa Chowk to Fish market , and is the new road widening by PWD is from FIsh market station cross Goa weys till 3rd gate

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