Master plan after Ganesh Festival Many roads from main city

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[box_light]Patil Galli – Fort Road

Ramling Khind galli – Hemukalani Circle

Raviwar Peth – Kalmath road

Work to begin after Ganesh Festival[/box_light]raviwarpeth ramlingkhind

Feroz Sait MLA, Corporation commissioner and members of the Belgaum Chamber of Commerce have survyed the areas that need to be widened to get rid of the severe traffic jams in the main market areas like Raviwar Peth. It has been decided that the Raviwar Pethwould be widened as per CDP to 40 feet. Currently its is a maximum of 30 feet. The Raviwar peth road would be widened in two pahes – Nargundkar Bhave chowk to Pimpal Katta and Union Bank to Karnataka Chowk.

All the owners will be taken into confidence before any work begins and each ones building would be marked and they could themselves do the demolition work. No financial reimbursement will be done only TDR would be given as compensation as per the current policy.

The other roads that will also come under the hammer would be Patil Galli(Amba Bhuvan) to Fort Road & Ramling Khind galli (Nucleus Mall) – Hemukalani Circle.

[box_light] There are sounds of protest already from a group of shop owners. Already a few have taken stay orders from Ramling Khind Galli[/box_light]


No Power supply from 8 Aug to 11 Aug.

HESCOM will under take removal of electric poles from the above cited roads hence power supply to City feeder will not be done from 10 am to 6 pm for 4 days.

Areas of power cut: Camp area, entire main City area including Maruti galli, Ramdev Galli, Kirloaskar road, Ganpat Galli, Market, Raviwar peth.

No power on 8 & 9 from 10 am to 5pm in Veerbhadra Nagar, Shivaji Nagar, Police HQ.


17 thoughts on “Master plan after Ganesh Festival Many roads from main city”

  1. Its good to hear they are widening the roads, but if we see the previous widening s like shahapur khade bazar, it`s totally waste as they have no Vision for the future, especially in the evening one can not move
    And it wont end up like Mahatma Fule Road?!

  2. The roads should be widened at the soonest. The narrow roads of Patil Galli, Khade Bazar (Shahpur), the road connecting 1st gate to Swimming Pool and Fort Road should be taken on priority.

  3. why dont the MLA and his followers make wide road where they have their house and properties, will they volunter to demolish their houses and shops or give away land. Will they agree only for TDR and no financial reimbursement or compensation as per the current policy.
    "…they could themselves do the demolition work…" sounds very cruel ,I think most people living here have been staying from long time may be a 1 or 2 generation back how would they feel if they have to demolish houses on their own. Its not like bangalore or mumbai traffic that these MLA have to worry about traffic jams.

    Interesting thing will be to watch who will get contract for this work and how are they related to these MLA.

  4. Why don't we hav a good urban planning team to design & execute urban development issue..?
    Wat knowledge do these elected leaders have about planning, economy, sustainabilty,…..?

  5. ho ga ho ga lekin kab ho ga
    Agar JALDI to belgaum me bombay ka nazara dekhno ko milega
    R.p.d cross ko jathe hai to dil kitna kush ho tha hai

    • there is no work in patil galli gutter work is pending y the work is stopped all the gutters blocked we are facing health issue.


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