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MLA MES squabble over development of Rajhuns Gad

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Mla Sanjay Patil was on a visit to see the work in progress of the development works of the Rajhuns Gad (Yellur Gad) for which the state government has sanctioned Rs.10 crore. From the past 10 days the work was stopped by the MES and local residents of the village on the pretext that the contractor is digging mud more than required and is making money in the same and while doing this the entire structure of the fort could be damaged and one burz could come down any time as most of the mud near it was removed. At one point more than 50% of the earth has been removed.yellur

Today when MLA Sanjay Patil was speaking to press persons former MES mayor of Belgaum City Corporation Shivaji Sunthkar made a dramatic attack and even reportedly mishandled with the media persons.yellurgad

Media persons and MLA said that we could discuss the matter of alleged quarrying under the pretext of road-widening works after the press meet. But the MES workers were unrelenting and came forward in an attacking posture infornt of the MLA. There were some unruly scenes amongst the supporters of both the parties. Yellur is strong hold of the MES and MLA said that he will inquire into the matter throughly about the contractor and if found that he is involved in any illegal activities he wont be spared and also stated that he also was keen protecting the historical monument.

16 thoughts on “MLA MES squabble over development of Rajhuns Gad”

  1. Why the hell the road is widening are we dumb c'mon keep the road rustic we don't want wide road it has to be easy for trekkers and not for bus and truck it's a historic monument not amusement park. Instead of spending that amount on rajhans gad widening spend somewhere else.

  2. The MLA here wants money. I agree wholeheartedly with above comment from Vaibhav. There is no need whatsoever to widen the road there. There is hardly any traffic on that road too. I can understand why the MES activists were cheesed off.

  3. MES doesn't want development work in Belgaum.Rs 10 crore was sanctioned by Karnataka Government to make Rajhuns gad a better tourist place.MES is playing politics and misguiding people, because if Rajhans gud is developed as a good place, then the people would praise Karnataka govt , and this may effect their vote bank.
    This shows the reality of MES .So people of yellur should not support the politics of MES instead support / fight for the development of the village.

    • Grow up Alok!!!!!!!!! Come out of Anti-Marathi propaganda. the politicians have already swollen the 100 crores grant in the name of development. They are now eying the rich mineral resources of the hill and and 10 crores too.

      • hey am not anti Marathi..!! am anti MES , and also they haven't swollen the money..!! its that it hasn't been used yet, only part of it is used…!! I have read in AAB only , many development works have been proposed by govt , but still to be implemented….!!
        A question for u-> MES has ruled Belgaum for many years, but were there any development works?
        They were only engaged in violence for merging Belgaum in MH.Its after that govt held session in Belgaum , some development is seen in Belgaum and in other parts of north Karnataka..!!!and now atleast there is no MES power , soo they arent allowing development works to take place and are only interested in their vote bank where marathi people are in majority..!!!

  4. MES Waloo………. Sudarjaawooo Belgaum Ke Vikasa keliye Karnaa tho Dur Tum log soch na Bhi nahi Chahate . Sach kahaa hai ……… Kutte Ke Dum Kabi Sidi Nahi Hoo Sakti.

    • oh doosre rajdhani (2nd capital)
      Dekh liya hum ne Belgaum ka development. 100 karod bhi gaya pani me aur VKS ke nam pe 33 karod bhi. Development ke nam pe laga diya sarkar ne 133 karod ka "chunna". Aur tum log baitye yahan MES ke nam pe pathar phodte.
      ~~~~NACH NA JANE, AAGAN THEDA~~~~~

      • Mr NACH NA JANE……… because of These issue we missed TATA, HERO HONDA, UB, MAHINDRA, IT PARK, So Many Divisional offices ………………And Many more… Bus aab Kundaaaa Kilathe rahooooo Naachate rahooo (Jayalacha Pahije….)

  5. Points Against MES ;- first of all why these MES leaders have woken up after 80% of the work is finished (2)Contractor Mr Dhamnekar was Targeted in connection with queyrring near hindalga & now once again same people targeting same contractor , so here one can easily pointout that way repeatedly same contractor is targeted by perticular MES leaders

    Points Against MLA :- Wether MLA Wants to construct circuit house on gad (2) Rajhansgad is primarely privet property (Patvardhan Raje) So why govt is putting this big amount to develop privet property (3) Rajhansgad is a archealogical monument , why permission is not sought from that dept.

  6. plse dont vote BGP and congress in belgaum …. maratha peoples plse vote only for MES… for your rights marathi..mother tongue .language.


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