New immersion tank for Ganesh idols

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Lord Ganesha this time will have new immersion pond, along with the existing Kapileshwar tank. A new pond is being built by the city corporation opposite the current pond at the place where there was the Chindodi Leela rang mandir. This was a long pending demand of Belgaumites that a tank be built there so that the immersion can take place in a more easy manner. The current Kapileshwar talav is now very small to house about 250+ odd huge idols of the Elephant God.kapol

The work has commenced on Saturday and within two months it will be ready and the contract has been awarded to a company from Bijapur and a sum of Rs.1 crore have been allocated for the same.

On September 10, 2011 the Chindodi Leela rang mandir was brought down and work has commenced now.

The entire area is of 1 acre 4 gunthas. The tank would be 50 mtrs long 20 mtr swide and 15 feet deep and a 30 feet road along side the pond would ease the immersion of Ganesh idols with facility of 6 cranes will also be made.

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