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New plan for Bapat Galli Car parking – 2 storey building with Ramps for entry exit

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The Multilevel car parking project which even after 12 years is not executed now a new completely different plan has been prepared of about 2 crores as per our sources will have Sloping Access RAMPS for entry and exit.

The new Car parking will be a regular TWO floored structure where about 40 cars could be parked on each floor.
One Ramp for entry from Ramdev galli and there will be TWO exit RAMPs one towards Kadolkar Galli and one Towards RR lodge.

bapat-galli-rampThe tenders floated for the 8 floor Multilevel car parking did not yield any result as no one was ready to bid at the Cost specified. No one was ready to bid Rs4.35 Crores, as most said cost would double this amount and it wont be feasible at the cost quoted.

Now with the new plan the cost of the project will also come down and once finalized could solve the parking problem to some extent. Currently the parking holds about 40-50 cars and with the new plan it would get doubled.

Already Forest department has given permission to cut the trees about 11, but as the bidding process failed and no one bid for it the city corporation was forced to rework on the same.

Now with the RAMPs, sloping access

The plan is been still prepared and there could be some changes to it.

The other problem with this plan is the RAMP at Ramdev Galli and the exit to Kadolkar Galli and RR lodge is that the minimum width will have to be 12 feet and the ramp is sloping access at 1:15 incline.
Will this ramp make any impact on the business on the said roads, only time can tell.

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