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NH 4 to be renamed NH48

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NHAI (National Highway Authority of India) in its note states that existing numbers of NH does not give indication of its location and direction. Therefore, ministry has adopted systematic numbering of NH through notification. It will indicate the direction of the NH and also the geographical region where the NH is located.15 NHAI

The said notification was published in Gazette publication of March 5, 2010, all proposals pertaining to these national highways are still being sent as per their current numbers. But even today all communication is still being done with the older Numbers.

NH4 – which was Pune -Bangalore will now be NH 48 – Delhi-Mumbai-Belgaum-Vellore track.

Highways starting from north to south will be in even numbers and those running in the east-west direction will be in odd numbers. The primary NHs running along the north-south and east-west directions will be predominantly double digit for better identification by road-users. The secondary routes will be in three digits, all 100-plus.

Under the new scheme, the NH running along the coastal districts will be NH 66 in place of NH 17, which has been allotted to West Bengal. NH network has increased from 21,378 km in 1947 to 70,934 km.

The other vertical NH from Nantur, Mangalore to Sholapur via Moodbidri, Karkala, Bajagoli and further will, in place of NH 13, be called NH 169.

To know all the new number click here.


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  1. what about our city road work that was taken during VKS, why dont the district autorities work like the NHAI and create good road


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