Potholes Darshan from Belagavi

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In this very unique opportunity we take pride in sharing the photos clicked by Mandar Kolhapure & Dipz Korthi of the POTHOLES from Belagavi city.

We have seen Ganesh darshan on so many occasions but with Belagavi getting a smart city tag we have to upgrade our selves to get something new and unique, and hence this Potholes Darshan or Khadda Darshan.

potholes in belagavi
potholes in Belagavi

potholes in belagavi
potholes in Belagavi
The Darshan from most of the streets is very similar but each pothole has its own antithetic shape and size which is unique in its self.

Some potholes are wider as 6 feet and some are as deep as 1 feet. It rains or no but Potholes are nicely crafted as pieces of art; each one very unique in its own style.

The creators of road are different like the PWD or the City corporation but Potholes are a must on all the roads.

Many say it is a sign of prosperity (of the contractor may be or the Engineer) the more the potholes the merrier as again new tenders would be floated to fill the potholes.

So many people have fallen down in these pieces of art and thankfully as yet no fatalities reported. Each one must enjoy these pieces of art but at the same time think where your taxes are going, in these potholes.
You are paying taxes and just shouting have you ever thought of getting together and fighting this art and their creators or will be ART lovers for ever.

4 thoughts on “Potholes Darshan from Belagavi”

  1. Might be there is a competition going on in Belgaum for “Hunt for SABSE ACCHA KHADDA”,
    and the Hunt has begun…

  2. Don’t worry…Soon there will be make over at least for the roads where ministers will ply during Winter session…Smart holes for Smart city….Not sure where all the money goes….

  3. Thank you Mandar & Dipz for the stupendous effort in ‘compiling and showcasing’ the ‘artistic’ potholes of our city awaiting to get the tag of ‘SMART’. I hope the authorities also take a look at these photos and drown themselves with shame in one of these potholes!

  4. I think the smart residents of not so smart city, will not voice against such potholes together and remain as tax payers and art lovers forever.


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