Railway Station, Bus stands to have Tensile Roof structures

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Under the smart city project, Railway stations, Bus stand and other identified areas are been redeveloped and after redevelopment they will have special Tensile Roof structures for passenger waiting area and also parking for private buses and mini Light commercial vehicles.

The Belagavi smart city limited will float tenders for Construction of Parking for private buses and mini LCV’s in the coming week.

tensile-roof smart cityTensile Roof structures are incredibly lightweight, material saving and energy conserving solution for roofing systems. In short, it is an excellent option for architects and engineers for designing sustainable structures.

Tensile fabric structures can be used in a variety of situations. They use less material than traditional structures and as a result, they weigh less and are easier to transport. They are flexible and can be specifically tailored to meet your requirements and provide shade or shelter. In addition to the required practicality elements, tensile fabric structures are a showpiece feature that offer an impressive focal point.

Tensile structures generally use light coloured roofs to reduce the heat that is attracted. They use very small amounts of material for large spans; they allow for natural ventilation using the Venturi effect and they provide translucency for natural daylighting. PVC polyester, expanded PTFE, polyolefin fabrics and ETFE foils can be recycled by the supplier for lower grade applications.

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  1. An Excellant step towards ameliorating the difficulties of the travelling public who have to brave the wrath of nature in the open, in this era of changing climate of Belgavi. Well now the Smart City projects has surely coming up as a Boon to the citizens and everybody hopes that these intending projects will surely see their light of the day soon for the future of Belgavi. So let all those in authority work in real jest for the betterment and beautification of this historical city for the welfare of the citizens of Belgavi(Karnataka State.)/ Jan M. Shaikh(Veteran and Past resident of Belgavi(Old Belgaum).


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