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Belgaum land value

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We have just compiled some estimated market value as per the Sub registrar records. There can be some typo errors and information here has to be used only for approximate valuations. This blog does not guarantee exact and correct value.

Please keep in mind that these are only Estimated Market values by the Registrar of Land records, which means one will have to pay registration fees on this value for a minimum. Normally values are above these values only.

There are bound to be many areas left out but in general you can ascertain the value by looking at the surrounding area rates.

Estimated Market Value in Rs. Per Sq/ Feet as on April 2011
Area Land Flat/Apartment Residential Flat/Apartment Commercial
 Residential Commercial Mosaic,Ceramic flooring Marble,Granite,VitrifiedMosaic,Ceramic flooring Marble,Granite,Vitrified
Ambedkar Road Belgaum 52012467378478841016.40
Maratha Colony394587682792818.40950.40
Veerbhadra Nagar327653660770792924
Vivekanand Colony448624704814844.80976.80
Chougulewadi ( B U D A. Layout)218375    
Civil Hospital Road(Channamma Circle to Hospital end)6341030814935976.801122
Civil Hospital Road532890885101710621220.40
Club Road858157390710281088.401233.60
College Road944188295710781148.401293.60
Hanuman Nagar302660638748765897
Jadhav Nagar382653693803831963
Khade Bazar247541251479160017741920
Kirloskar Road217836301479160017741920
Maruti Galli209933401408152916891834
Nehru Nagar411599693803831963
Ramdev Galli170128071276138615311663
Race Course Area, T.V Tower Area, Mahabaleshwar nagar3027147378478841016
Raviwar Peth192135311358147916291774
Sadashiv Nagar315526649759778910
Samadevi Galli11741791960106011521272
Cantonment Area247491627737752884
Hindalga Layout Corpn Limit,Sahyadrianagar218351627737752884
Honga2433Industrial- 133   
Congress Road648968700800840960
Deshmukh Road648968700800840960
RPD College road411617700800840960


For other areas click here .


Select District as Belgaum.

Then SRO as Belgaum

Then in Main area Belgaum for city, Tilakwadi, Hindwadi etc



12 thoughts on “Belgaum land value”

  1. Great job uday, but actual rates are way too high mainly due to middle agents. I want to buy land in belgaum for residential but most seller agent or owners usually quote more than 10-12 lakhs for 1 gunta which is unreasonable in belgaum market where rates are around Rs 500 per sq feet
    hope there is some kind of regulation in it so that common man like me can buy land there

  2. Congratulations on your efforts in putting this very useful data online. At least on a relative basis the rates can be very useful. Could you please convert the land rates into Rupees lakhs per guntha (per sq. feet rate x 1089/100000)

  3. hi,thanks for the valuable information. but am sure the same is outdated. can anyone let me know the current market and stamp duty rates on a property near big bazzar, touching khanapur road, regards

  4. Kindly let me know the value of land at kanabargi,KHB colony well as present market rate per square.ft.or per gunta.


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